Thursday, 4 July 2013

Labour is in a REAL mess!

Today Tom Watson, who is really a very big fish in the Labour Party, bailed out. I don't pretend to even understand the pecking order in Labour Party politics but I do not believe that Ed Miliband is the true leader.  I think that he is a Union puppet and if he is ever to gain any credibility then he must confront Unite.

Of course he cannot do that because they pay the bills. They sponsored him into office and to be frank they own the backsides (polite) of so many Labour politicians.  Without the Trade Union movement Labour would be dead in the water.  So the British public should recognise that the Trade Union movement is in the hands of dissidents, communists and odd balls. To put it plainly they do not bat for Britain and most of them would be termed traitors until Labour banned the prosecution of traitors!

There has been trouble at the Scottish constituency Falkirk.  They actually elected an MP who has been 'sacked' because he has a tendency to get drunk and punch people.  He also claimed extraordinary expenses.  Now the Trade Union 'Unite' has been apparently signing people up to 'Unite' so that they can vote for the 'Unite' sponsored candidate.  The only problem is that 'Unite' have not told the people that they now belong to 'Unite'!

I have long on this blog spoken about election rigging (all of it so far done by socialists).  Now we have the rigging of election candidates.  Make no mistake if you now vote Labour you are voting for a Soviet style government. The soft, stylish, front of people like Yvette Cooper or Luciana Berger are concealing the hammer and sickle. 

They have overplayed their hand and Tom Watson has consequently bailed out.  Believe you me that is a huge protest resignation!  Ed Miliband is in disarray but that is what you get when you become a leader without a policy or a conviction!

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