Sunday, 28 July 2013

Murder and the Public!

I read a story yesterday which summed up the judicial system hoist on us by the Political Class in this country.  Way back in 2011 a pensioner was bludgeoned to death in his own home by two 'travellers'.  Despite the nature of this horrendous murder the police were met by a 'wall of silence' from the 'travelling community'.  Those of us who call a spade a shovel would not expect anything else from this over protected minority group.

The police described them as 'career criminals' but they are only that because our judicial system allows them carte blanche to become 'career criminals', but here is the real rub. One of the offenders had been jailed for five years for a similar attack on a 73 year old woman during a burglary at her home in February last year!!  He had battered the woman to death with her own walking stick!

So let me get this right! This 'traveller' commits wanton murder on a pensioner and only gets five years.  He is after all a 'career criminal' so how many offences has he actually committed? Since when have sentences for murder be reduced to five years and then since when is he allowed out onto the streets within a year?

I want to know who is making these decisions?  Who is placing the elderly in jeopardy by allowing murdering travellers back onto the streets only weeks after the most horrendous of crimes. 

At the moment they are only 26 and 21 years old so after committing two murders against defenceless pensioners they have received sentences of 24 and 22 years respectively.  Given time off for 'good behaviour' they will be out on the streets just in time to bump off more pensioners.  What is going on and when will we get a government that will react to the fears of the public?

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