Thursday, 11 July 2013

When will it Stop?

Day after day we have revelations that some public servants are creaming off huge amounts in almost any available scam.  They can call it what they like but severance payments, bonus payments or huge retirement pension pots are being creamed off by a small cartel of chief executives.  Once you have broken through the glass ceiling then millions are on offer.

The main perpetrators are the Civil Service, the BBC, the NHS, Local Government and a huge group of quangos.  They are all sucking on the teat of the public purse.  There is a huge row on the severance payments of top BBC executives.  They have been gorging themselves on our money. Then G4S have been discovered (not for the first time) to be cheating the public on security.

Let's face it this country is mired in corruption.  The people who are emerging at the top of every tree are generally corrupt. We cannot trust anyone anymore.  The people who the BBC and the mainstream media regularly feature are all playing a game and are being richly rewarded.

The game being played by all our EU supporting politicians/public servants and trade union chiefs is simple.  Spend as much as you want from the public purse because we must bankrupt the country as quickly as possible.  Nobody is even trying to stop it!  Even the politicians are in line for a pay rise despite their expenses and subsidies.

This country should follow the example of Cairo but then we don't care enough.  We accept that all these crooks can grab millions of our public money and they know that nobody will care enough to protest!  We are all mugs and deserve everything that we get!!

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