Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to Detect a Dangerous Food Source?

Nice and Safe?
A friend from Australia today sent me an E-Mail warning that Australia was importing food from unregulated sources.  He specifically mentioned China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand as they grow vegetables using chemicals that are banned elsewhere. They then export these vegetables to countries like Canada and Australia who package them and label them produced in the packaging country.

They must however, include the country of origin on the bar code.  I did not know this but the first three numbers in the bar code indicates the country of origin.  For example 50 is the UK and 93 is Australia.  The ones to watch out for are 690-695 China, 471 Taiwan, 489 Hong Kong and 885 Thailand.

I immediately went through our larder and found 50 on almost everything until I came to olive oil which began 80.  It is hardly a surprise that Italy uses the number 80.  I think that we should all be more aware of the source of our food so if you are interested in a full list of bar code country numbers you can find then here.

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