Tuesday, 9 July 2013

So Yet Another Reason to Leave the EU!

I have said it time after time that this country is under attack from our own politicians.  Every major politician has been supporting the European Union which of course supports the European Court of Human Rights which has just decided that mass murderers should be given a second chance to...well mass murder!

Some people have committed crimes that are so heinous we cannot comprehend the mentality of the perpetrators.  That is why they are locked up forever. We have given these people life sentences because they are dangerous!  We have abolished the death penalty and now they want to abolish life sentences.  What is the objective of the so called European law makers?

The objective is to break down every barrier which would deter a potential killer from achieving their ambition.  Our lawyers never harden justice it is forever softened which only encourages the mentally ill and puts the public in danger.

This is just another reason to leave the corrupt and ridiculous EU.  They have a plan to destroy us and that plan is supported by almost all our mainstream politicians.  They will protest and posture but in the end it will always happen because most of them have been bought and paid for.  The EU pays its employees very well because it has never been audited.

There is so much money sloshing around the Political Class that we the public must vote against the EU and their servants. So many politicians have stood as Conservatives who support the socialist EU including the Prime Minister. The only alternative is an Egyptian style protest where journalists get assaulted in Trafalgar Square.

When are we ever going to get some joined up government? Only UKIP are currently proposing any form of common sense.  The EU is set up to destroy our social structure and our democracy.  That is the reason that they now want to release convicted mass murderers back into our society.  They want to know how much they can get away with? How much more will we tolerate as a society?

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