Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Egypt might just be the Beginning!

I cannot believe the chaos in Egypt in the past few days because the people have unreservedly rejected the advance of the Muslims. Right across Europe and North Africa and the Middle East the advance of Muslim fundamentalism has in the past twenty years been paramount.

Muslims have arrived everywhere and anywhere into the western world and we, the Christian world, have been browbeaten into accepting their presence!  In the UK mosques have sprouted almost like runner beans and burkas are now accepted even though I cannot run around with a mask on my head.

We all know that this is a threat to our democracy and their presence is a real threat to our future but we cannot protest because that would be racist!  The reality is that the Muslims are the racists! They would never dream of giving a white person priority over one of their own.  We are the idiots as they invade our political scene in serious numbers.

So back to Cairo. They actually voted democratically for a Muslim and then discovered what they had voted for.  They had suddenly become disenfranchised so they did what only Egyptians can do... they protested!!  They protested and how! You see Egypt is a strange country.  I visited Egypt this year and had a long conversation with my guide.  They are immensely proud of their heritage and history. My guide was a Muslim and he was such an intelligent and educated man but he told me that they might have to one step back to go two steps forward.

They are however not prepared to go down the route of Muslim fundamentalism which is being promoted almost everywhere. Who is promoting it and why?  Egypt is the first country to reject Muslim fundamentalism.  Perhaps this is the first step back to normality!

Perhaps one day we will not have people blowing up tube trains and murdering soldiers on the streets. Perhaps one day we will not have burkas on the streets of this country (how can it be right?) and they will be happy to be British and NOT try to change our society.  Sorry but I think that we have battles to fight before that happens.

Somehow I think that the fight back began today in Cairo.

On another topic for another day is it not quite serious that the Army Chief in Afghanistan is prepared  to blame the Pakistani government for their support of the Taliban! Is that not the same Pakistani government which we have supported with Foreign Aid ever since we sent troops into Afghanistan?

We should have a serious rethink about politics in this country because it would appear that our three main parties have been giving money to a country that has sponsored the killing of our troops! But then they also support the EU!  When will the Con LabLib politicians begin to support the British people? Yeah pigs might fly!

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