Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Royal Baby!

Am I alone in believing that the media coverage of the new 'kid' Cambridge has been way over the top?  Don't get me wrong but the mainstream media appear to have been almost 'blackmailed' into blanket coverage.

I have never seen such slavish media acceptance to a family who actually signed away the country to the European Union way back in the seventies.  The problem is that the mainstream media did not report it.  If the Queen had not signed over her country to the architects of the EU then we would still be an independent country. She was I'm afraid complicit in the EU fraud but it was not reported because it is beyond our belief!

Today the whole country were held to ransom by the birth of one boy.  They kept us on tenterhooks yesterday for four hours as the production kicked into action.  They are manipulating us all and they give us back very little.  

Just examine the track records of the Royals. Charles and Diana... and now Charles and the married Camilla. Wills and Harry have their 'colored backgrounds' and then we come to Prince Andrew and 'Fergie'. The royals are actually taking us for a ride and we should recognize it.  William and Kate are just part of a family firm that uses women as baby factories...ask Diana;.. aaah but you can't can you!?

If you want to know about history then view the 'The White Queen' because nothing changes when you are clinging to so much power!

Perhaps we should consider another name for the future King of the UK...how about King Dodie!


GrumpyRN said...

I came across this an another site. The people who like 'reality TV' are the same people who love the royals. Currently about 14% of the population. The media are targeting all their coverage at this 14% so the rest of us suffer. You have to look at the royals purely as reality
TV. Underemployed, overprivileged and not very bright.

If you go to this link it says it so much better, and the comments are very illuminating.


Obat Empedu Penghancur Batu said...

thank's for your information !

bryboy said...

hello GRN, Tks for the steer. it is nice to know that there are others out there who view the Royals through jaundiced eyes. They are clinging to a lot of power and history demonstrates that they are quite ruthless when defending it.