Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sport and Education!

We are in limbo at the mo and I have been finding it difficult to find a subject without repeating myself but I just have to pay tribute to our sports people because recently we have had almost unprecedented success.

Despite the reluctance of teaching unions to promote sport in schools we continue to deny their socialist dogma and produce excellent young sports people.  Every time that one of our sporting heroes dips beyond excellence someone else takes their place.

This has been the summer of Andy Murray, Chris Froome, James Desaola (who?) and so many others and yet our schools are still not allowed to devote time to exercise.  Yes, they are paying homage to possibly a new doctrine of playing field sport (for those who still have playing fields) but every school needs a sports enthusiast and in many primary school males have been banished and those who venture into the hen coup are hardly male physical specimens (I am being very modern here!)

We need, at this level, male role models but how do we attract them?  What self respecting male wants to dive into this female dominated world where male physicality and male mentality is conclusively denied.

We have celebrated our sporting success but let us examine it.  Andy Murray went to Barcelona to escape the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA|).Chris Froome came from Kenya, our cricket team includes, South African trained, Pieterson, Trott, Prior and other mercenaries (Morgan)!

Our education unions persistently oppose sport in schools because it is good for the kids.  They oppose competition because it is good for the kids. They oppose discipline because it is good for the kids. They oppose streaming because it is good for the kids. They oppose exams that sort out the kids which is good for the kids.  For decades the teacher unions have opposed every measure meant to benefit the kids.

You may by now be getting my drift!! The teaching unions are not in power to help the  kids.  For thirty (forty) years they have actively destroyed education in this country.  They have manipulated exam results, they have destroyed the credibility of the ENGLISH education system ensuring that English kids are disadvantaged. The education system has been manipulated to disadvantage every child.  Our kids cannot speak English as well as the foreign kids.  The reason is that they have not been educated in English grammar.  Even many of the current teachers do not understand English grammar!

Something has to change.  Someone has to challenge the teaching unions so that we can get education back on track. The Unions are led by socialists not patriots and that is why most of our kids know nothing about their heritage and their potential.  Somehow we must reintroduce traditional education like I had where fairness and competition are not dirty words.  

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