Monday, 29 July 2013

Out of Hours Healthcare ...a Modern Disgrace!

Our useless politicians spend hours each week bickering about inconsequential petty politics and regularly ignore the concerns of the public.  None of them exposed the scandal of the many NHS Trusts who were killing patients by following the targets imposed on them by a profligate Labour party and ordered by Sir David Nicholson (still in post).  None of them have investigated the Board of the NHS who surely must bear some responsibility for the thousands of deaths of patients who died whilst in their care.

It was the Labour Party under Blair/Brown who decided to hand out huge pay rises to the medical profession whilst at the same time renegotiating their working hours.  The consequence was that out of hours medical cover by GPs was all but abandoned.  Who could possibly believe that this would benefit the public?

The Labour party make huge capital that they are the guardians of the NHS but in reality they destroyed it.  We, the public, are now left with a dangerously understaffed out of hours NHS.  The new 111 emergency number is apparently unsafe and out of hours we are at the mercy of foreign doctors being flown in at huge cost!

Out of hours medical cover is paramount in our lives.  When we are ill or injured we depend on adequate medical cover.  At the moment we are being let down.  Everybody knows that the Labour Party, with some deliberation, wrecked the NHS.  Their Union members (Guido Fawkes calls them 'Pilgrims') are still doing it! The Coalition have had three years to reverse the trend and they have done nothing but introduce the inadequate 111 helpline.

If I had my way I would recall them all from their summer holidays and insist that they work out a system which protects us all and not just those that can afford to pay for healthcare.  That is their job!  That is why we elected them!  Just another reason to vote UKIP and dump the three main, useless political parties.

If you want to know how we came to this point of crisis you don't need to look much further than here!

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