Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Daniel Pelka...Baby 'P'... how many More?

It is time to ask questions!  We have had so many excuses and apologies but these poor kids still keep dying in horrific circumstances.  How many more before kids will die before they tighten up the system so that no kid can steal food from other kids and forage into waste bins to survive?

Are these teachers blind or just incompetent? Is it that they accept  a slavish dogma of union rules so that they do not want to confront the parents or get involved with the law?  What could prevent a teacher from saving the life of one of their pupils?  There are news pictures of this kid's teacher click-clacking into court surrounded by her briefs.  Am I being unfair?

Surely someone should have picked this brutal treatment up before the ultimate death of this poor child?  I am really angry because I love my granddaughters but at one point I was prevented from recording a school performance because I might have been a pervert!!  How did they think that would make me feel? Did they care?  No they are just following orders but when push comes to shove common sense disappears and a little boy is tortured before he is murdered.  I weep for him but then I would like to see his parents strung up from the nearest lamp post.

Can anyone with compassion argue against this ultimate punishment?  Animals deserve to die like animals and then we should all have a day off to celebrate!!


SAB said...

Couldn't agree more (as usual). A sword for a sword and all that...

Anonymous said...

His parents were following their lifestyle choice, unfortunately he had no choice in life. how very very sad, how very very wrong. We all share the blame for letting things get so bad.