Friday, 26 July 2013

Electoral Fraud and the Labour Party!

Today in Derby an electoral official was found guilty of corrupting the British election system by giving relatives ballot papers that they were not entitled to receive.  She is a female Muslim and if television pictures are to be believed she attended the court procedure in full burkha mode.

That is bad enough but to many of us not a surprise.  What is a surprise is that the Labour party who benefited from this scam are prepared to hold onto the seat (won by 14 votes!) and are refusing to countenance a By-Election.  How dirty and low are these scumbags prepared to go to hang onto this seat which clearly was gained under suspicious circumstances?

Do we not have an electoral controlling authority?  What is happening in this country when the Muslim community are allowed to commit electoral fraud?  It is not the first time that this has happened and it does show how far they are prepared to go to gain a seat in power.

We should all be aware that if we do not fight our corner then the Asian communities are well and able to take more than their fair share of political power.  Today was not the first indication that they, given the chance, are prepared to cheat to win.  We should all be warned! 


Simon Palmer said...

Dear Bryboy,
I moved to France in Feb this year. France has its own problems but it is not in thrall to the cult of Islam in the same way the UK is. I have no idea why the UK is so protective of Islam but it will ultimately result in revolution - wholesale change is being forced on a country that never asked for it.

bryboy said...

Hello Simon, I have to agree with you but unfortunately the British people do not have the heart for revolution no matter how bad things become. We have surrendered our country without a shot being fired. Eventually the incomers will take over all our political establishments and then they will make us pay for our indolence. Tks for your interest.

bewick said...

Electoral Fraud? You should read Andrew Gilligan re Tower Hamlets. Seems that people who have never ever left Pakistan or Bangladesh manage to vote there.
As for oversight. I think you mean the Electoral Commission - one Jenny Watson is not the head but someone who figured huge during the chaos of the 2010 elections. I believe she is "placewoman" of Labour.