Friday, 3 May 2013

NOW we are moving forward!

On 16 April 2012 I posed the question 'Is UKIP moving forward'? Yesterday in South Shields we received confirmation that UKIP is moving forward and the movement is gaining momentum.  I predict a real fear within the Political Class because democracy has become so corrupted in this country that they fail to recognise honesty and decency.

They are dismissing the vote for UKIP as a 'protest' vote which of course it is. The people are protesting against the corruption of Westmonster and the corruption emanating out of Brussels where they still refuse to countenance an audit.  Why is it that our mainstream politicians continue to ignore this lack of accountability?

One other thing concerns me. Our political system has returned an MP from South Shields who only has the support of one fifth of her constituency.  Only 40% turned out and she only got 50% of the turn out! That means that 80% of her constituency have no faith in her politics and that reflects South Shields the bedrock of socialism.  So Mr Miliband how do you explain that away?

This is exactly the impression that I got wandering around the centre of the town and observing the canvassing on Tuesday.  Nobody was really interested!  In particular the young seemed not even to understand what was happening.

Surely it is time that we put a limit on the level of support that a candidate must receive from the constituency before they gain admittance to the luxuries of the taxpayer funded club called the Houses of Parliament. Surely 40% of the vote is not too high a figure to ensure election.  If the public do not turn out then they do not warrant an MP!

If people deserve an MP they must vote.  It would then be the role of the committed and the educated to persuade the others, particularly the young, that voting is a duty and if they do not vote they forfeit representation. Until we face this problem our democratic process will continue to be a joke and will favour the mainstream parties. 

Even so fear is now in the air!  The smearing of UKIP will increase so courage will be necessary but yesterday proved that the public are rebelling in large numbers. Just remember when you hear the words, 'Nazi', 'racist'or 'homophobic' it is actually the sound of mainstream politicians losing votes!


bewick said...

Hello Bryboy. I'm still wondering why you felt the need to visit South Shields - a Godforsaken place if there ever was one. Shame you didn't tell me - we could have had a drink!
Two claims to fame only - the home of Barbour coats and, the now collapsed, Marsden Rock. A natural sea sculpture. Ship-building disappeared decades ago. Ooops forgot Sarah Millican.

I always felt depressed when I had to visit South Shields Town Hall for a meeting - fortunately rare.

Funnily enough the new MP talks exactly like Sarah Millican. Except of course the latter has better command of grammar and the English Language. The area isn't all bad. The highly articulate Tory candidate is also the product of "Shields", and Kate Ady, just like my Mam and grandparents, hails from nearby Sunderland.
The new MP is both a councillor and a social worker. I have little regard for most of those having known many of both. At least she has had something approaching a "proper job”, unlike either of the Milibands.
Her basic "soft" degree is from Northumbria University - once Newcastle Poly. Around the time she was there I was undertaking Consultancy for that institution. Professional confidentiality prevents any elaboration so just use your imagination on what I might say.
What REALLY surprises me is that she managed a postgraduate MA from Durham University (Dunelm) - once 2nd only to Oxford (Oxon) and Cambridge (Cantab).

Her Local Authority employer will have funded that. No student debt for her.
Since she struggles, in both writing and speech, with grammar, and much else, I just wonder how she reached the standard.
I did once spend a year part-time studying with Durham U Business School. Standards were VERY high but that was over 20 years ago.

Your comments on % of electorate actually voting is correct – but then it has always been so. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time to follow Australia and make it a legal duty to vote. Having , in a former life, studied comparative politics I am not much in favour of “proportional representation”. The single transferrable vote would be better – if any change is needed but then ,“if it ain’t broke” and all that.

A feature of the Shields election was the very high proportion of postal votes. IMHO the entitlement to postal voting should return to what it was – holiday?/sickness only. My elderly, but perfectly fit , neighbour has registered for such. Yesterday we both attended a funeral service. The Church is 400 yards from home and the polling station is virtually next door to the Church. The village shop is 20 yards from that. My neighbour visits the village shop at least 3 times a week. My neighbour isn’t cheating – just lazy.
Postal votes are though a distortion of democracy and open to fraud.
If Andrew Gilligan is to be believed then people IN Pakistan and Bangladesh, let alone non English speakers here, have been paid to sign postal applications linked to English addresses – particularly Tower Hamlets. There apparently were 17 such registered to a 2 bedroom flat actually occupied by an English couple. They of course were unaware of this. There have been electoral fraud cases in Birmingham and elsewhere. ALL parties implicated but nearly always immigrant communities involved.
Once upon a time I had my house here, and a client provided flat in West Sussex. Council tax was paid on both and I could have registered, and voted, in both places. I didn’t – just here. I’m not xenophobic but I DO object to Europeans working here being able to vote in ALL elections both in their home countries AND here. Couldn’t it be said that THEIR access to democracy is twice mine? The electoral system is a bloody mess.

Just a few, some informed, thoiughts.

bewick said...

And Oh. You mentioned "young women were dressed in an overtly sexual manner (even on a cold day)"

Mmmm. You should visit Newcastle City Centre on a weekend night in "deep and cold midwinter". You would be AMAZED to see both the women and men running around almost dressed for a hot beach, whilst it is even snowing or worse - apparently impervious to the cold - except that several have died from hypothermia in the last few years. They fail to learn. Often saw that when arriving , late on Friday night, from London - 20+ years ago. Haven't seen but believe it has worsened since the Quayside was redeveloped from warehouses to nightlife and the cranes removed.
By the way it is "Greggs" not "Griegs". "should have gone to Specsavers" ?

bryboy said...

As ever Bewick a lot of good points
and I apologise for the tardy response. You are not the only contributor to mention compulsory voting. Your local knowledge fills in a lot of gaps for me.