Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More on Syria!

The heat is clearly on!  Once again the mainstream media have treated us to shaky, grainy clips of some kind of atrocity which they  admit are not substantiated.  Every time I see this joke I shake my head. Nothing is substantiated so we are shown 'leaked videos' followed by unknown females claiming their families have been killed!

Nothing is proven. Nothing can be proven. It is the worst type of journalism.  Don't get me wrong if it has happened then I would be horrified but we never get any proof and they have tried this trick once too often. They manipulate the news because they can.

Then our Foreign Secretary follows up by declaring that the European arms embargo has now ceased because Britain and France proposed that we can send arms to the 'rebels'. William Hague has misjudged this issue. This country is sick and tired of being the servant of the 'regime changers'.  He is clearly acting on orders from  'on high'.

Nobody in this country wants any more involvement in stupid wars which do not concern us.  We are sick of seeing our sons and daughters returning in body bags because some banker (sorry 'regime changer') wants to conquer the world.

Clearly most of Europe do not want to become involved so William Hague has been exposed.  He is desperate to involve us in Syria, so desperate that he is now been outed as a servant of the ban...(sorry 'regime changers').  What an apology for a Foreign Secretary. Folks, this is yet another reason to vote UKIP!  We just have to bin these mainstream politicians (most of whom should be in jail) and vote for a new type of politics.

We need honesty in our national politics and freedom from the 'regime changers'. It will be difficult because the amounts of money thrown around are difficult to ignore.  The 'regime changers' can bribe or blackmail almost everyone (and have) so the UKIP candidates must be ready to harden their resolve.


Anonymous said...

Good points but as well as bribe and blackmail, what if you were to add 'threaten' to the list?

On first thought we would think - 'No, surely that couldn't happen?'.

Really? And then we think twice. And we also have families after all.

Would one like to ascend Paradise forever .... or descend into Hell?

Me - I'm glad to remain anonymous (power-wise) and be one of a huge mass. Cowardly yes - but I have kids.

Who would really feel safe if approaching the real reins of power? A massive hat-tip to UKIP and others who are trying of course, but the games haven't even begun yet......!


bryboy said...

That is a very valid point Paul...I would however counsel that these people have had years to develop through the system and they know who their 'sponsors' are. They are well rewarded for their subservience to the 'New World Order'. They all sold their soul to the devil many years ago. The front benches of Westmonster are all in the same boat. They willingly have sold their principles when they entered modern politics. Modernisation of the Conservative party was a curse which will eventually be avenged. Conservatives are not modernisers. It is a contradiction of terms. Tks for your interest Paul.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bry

I don't comment on blogs enough. I just lurk around, doing plenty of reading, but your blog is one I often visit.

All you regular bloggers are appreciated by a great many of us.

I write all this in part-response to Ranty's despondency with lack of comment, but it's aimed at all the bloggers in fact.

Anyway, good work and keep going.

Have a nice weekend. The sun is shining here in Lancs. They haven't managed to ban or kill that ..... yet!