Monday, 20 May 2013

The 'Loons' may soon be Running the Asylum!

Ever since I began this blog I have insisted that the mass immigration that was inflicted on this country by NoLab (as I called them at that time) was controlled and organised by the Home Office.  At that time I worked for the Asylum Appeals Centre and had access to the case histories of so many so called immigrants.

Now the arrogant and dubious Lord Peter Mandelson has apparently admitted that the mass immigration program was organised by NoLab.  Surely that is treason? He may now be out of the firing line but what about the current front line Labour politicians? It is now clear, following the revelations of Mandelson, that the Labour Party actively organised mass immigration into this country with the connivance of the Home Office.

He has however implicated most of the leading Labour politicians of today who must have known the NoLab agenda. How can Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Mrs Balls, Harriet Harman and the rest of this dubious crew face the public now that we all know their awful agenda?  They changed the face of the country and they think that  we don't know.

Across the country they have paid for their duplicity. In the recent county council elections the support for Labour has evaporated. From Cornwall to Kent right across the southern counties with hundreds of seats at stake Labour gained just 60!  This included nothing in Dorset, one in Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Somerset and only two in Cornwall..

Apparently they owe the Co-Op bank three and a half million pounds and yet week after week Ed Miliband opposes David Cameron just as if he is a Prime Minister in waiting. Their support comes from pockets of inner city immigrants and the north who seem to be lost somewhere at the beginning of the twentieth century.  

We desperately need an English Parliament to correct the imbalance operating at Westmonster. Labour is clearly being propped up by support voters from Scotland and Wales and both countries have their own parliaments.

Don't get me wrong I have family and friends in Scotland which is probably why I am so militant on this subject. New Labour corrupted British society for their own ends. All of them committed treason by inviting alien nationals to enter the country illegally and them giving them a vote and it is still happening.

People who have never paid taxes are being granted the same rights as native born English people who have paid their taxes for so many years. These incomers have also been granted equal voting rights so who decided that?

The people are biting back through UKIP. This protest vote will grow now that the doubters can see that it is not a wasted vote.  David Cameron is a lost soul because he tried to be a LibDem whilst leading the Conservative party and the grass roots won't have it! I really doubt if the Coalition will last until 2015.

Cameron will realise that unless he dumps Clegg he will lose his premiership. If he dumps Clegg then they will all pounce on him. He is in a lose lose position and Farage is waiting in the wings. Unless they get their act together they will not last until 2015 which is brilliant. UKIP are organising for next year's MEP elections  because they are sniffing blood and all the main parties will suffer for their complacency. 

This political earthquake is long overdue and these arrogant mainstream politicians are at long last fearing the electorate.  I suspect the 'Loons' will soon be running the asylum!


Anonymous said...

Lets hope this shift to UKIP continues for i can see no other hope for what remains of our country.

The current cabal of the three cheeks of the same arse party have bamboozled the electorate for far too long, pissing on them from a great height whilst the propaganda wing told them it was raining.

They made the grave error of thinking that votes are theirs by right cheeky swine, wouldn't matter which of the three cheeks was voted for because the same bland mid left corrupt incompetence was the end result, baby blue this time but the previous was rosy glassed pink.

I pray that enough of our people have woken up from their deep slumber, i pray they are angry enough to, at last, vote with their principles and not for the faction that offers them the best bung in one form or another.

Fortunately the troughers can't help themselves insulting the backbone of the country, you know the ones those poor buggers who have worked themselves into early graves, the closet racists and swivel eyed loons, fruitcakes etc, i hope the cabal continue arrogantly down this road to self inflicted ruin, and not before time.

Complacency won't do at this point though, never underestimate the supidity and ability to be bribed of the electorate.

The three cheek party still has the propaganda machine on its side, especially the Beeb.

The status quo will stop at nothing to hold onto their positions.

Carry on you bloggers, you have done well so far to waken the sleeping Lion, whether it was neutered whilst dormant we shall see.



bryboy said...

Great comment Judd! It is the bloggers wot dunnit! Seriously I think that sufficient numbers of decent educated people have at long last awoken to the duplicity of the so called Political Class. I have tried for five years to discover an alternative party that will make an impact. Nigel Farage has produced one and he has decent deputies. The real people are biting back and...I hold my breath when I say this...but... the political earthquake is happening and the Political Class are shitting themselves!!