Wednesday, 1 May 2013

UKIP and the Opposition!

Nigel Farage in South Shields yesterday
It continues, the outpouring of hatred because one party dares to challenge the mainstream political authority.  Yesterday I went to South Shields just to witness the campaign and personally get a flavour of the atmosphere.

It is a strange little place. I saw more people smoking on the streets than I would normally see. Many of the young women were dressed in an overtly sexual manner (even on a cold day) and so, so, many more were pushing baby buggies (without a visible male partner).

There were three Griegs shops on King St which is the main pedestrian thoroughfare and at 1pm the pubs had a good clientele even though it was almost entirely male.  The Monster Raving Loony Party were in evidence and apparently 'monstered' Harriet Harman although I did not witness that! I heard about it when they retired to the pub.

The local UKIP candidate Richard Elvin was very enthusiastic trying to get the young to appreciate politics even to understand what was happening but got little response.  All I heard everywhere  was people discussing Newcastle United and their relegation plight!

Nigel Farage arrived at about 1.45pm and was immediately approached by a small media presence.  An interview was set up and at that very moment somebody cycled past and began to vocally recite 'NAZI PROPAGANDA' loudly and repeatedly in an attempt to ruin the broadcast. 

That sums up the Socialist Republic of South Shields because nobody challenged him.  He had the confidence to mouth off in the full knowledge that nobody would dare to challenge him. He was a berk but at that moment he was the mouthpiece for South Shields.

I only saw 2 people in King Street representing the Conservative party and I did admire them. I never saw a single Liberal Democrat. So to sum up I believe that the state rules in South Shields. As long as they can smoke and drink and Newcastle does not get relegated then all is well.  There is no aspiration or ambition.

UKIP are battling for the hearts and minds but when there are few minds it is difficult to win. Don't get me wrong these people are lovely, they tolerate the elderly, they are so generous and I heard one old guy tell people that he had traveled far but South Shields was his home and that is why he kept coming back.

What a shame that they have been so ill-educated that they will still vote for public school educated millionaires who have never worked for a living and probably do not know where South Shields is located or even care. Harriet Harman did not stay long in King Street. She probably could not understand the dialect and after all there was a biting cold wind!  


Julian Moss said...

Thanks for the report. I hoped to go along when Nigel Farage was in Carlisle a couple of weeks back but I had a hospital appointment.

GrumpyRN said...

"As long as they can smoke and drink and (insert local team here) does not get relegated then all is well. There is no aspiration or ambition".

Yep, sums up a fair bit of today's Britain.

On a (slightly) related note, you once asked about Scotland voting UKIP. Sorry Bry, we could never vote for someone called Nigel.

bryboy said...

Good to hear from you both. I have a spring in my step this morning. GRN you could be accused in this modern world of being 'nameist' so perhaps Nigel should change his name to 'Jimmy' if he ventures north of the border!

GrumpyRN said...

Jimmy would be good or if he changes to Hugh we could call him Shug.