Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This Disgusting Cover Up!

The cover up which appears to be perpetrated by leading members of the police and the government continues.  I am referring to the activities at a B and B called Elm House in Richmond where very many so called leading members of our society availed themselves of the services of young boys from care homes.

The Jimmy Savile exposure seems to have stirred up a hornets nest but the only people that are ever charged with historic offences are ageing celebrities.  'Aangirfar' covers the subject very well so I won't elaborate but all the police can come up with are a Catholic priest and the former head of a care home.

I am sorry but I do not believe it. Here is another site that exposes the cover up extensively. It is ridiculous to charge the small fry but allow the money men to walk away.  Gradually piece by piece the blogosphere is getting closer to the 'sick' culprits who are being protected by the police and the mainstream media.  I suspect at a 'certain' level of society the names of the guilty are well known.

Today we had the case in Oxford where disgusting individuals seriously abused a series of young girls supposedly 'in care'. It follows on from the Rochdale case and do I really need to emphasise that none of the offenders are European in complexion!

Please tell me what prevents the law from kicking this disgusting crew out of the UK for good and I don't mean just the men.  I mean every direct member of their family, the parents, grandparents and their children.  We must discover an antidote to depravity. We must inject fear into anyone who believes that they can dominate young people forcing them into depravity.

We have a duty to respond so please don't quote me 'Human Rights'  or try to defend their behaviour. It is happening far too often and and I want to see the mainstream politicians addressing this sexual conduct. We elect an MP and yet they then tolerate abysmal conduct and a judiciary that at time is so lenient on sex crimes that it beggars belief!

Surely someone at sometime will bite the bullet and begin the process to unveil the predators at the top level of our society.  The arrests of so many ageing celebrities, the odd minnow and the Asian sex gangs does not disguise that at the heart of the problem are seriously famous people.

Once again the police and the social services think that an 'apology' is sufficient. IT IS NOT! Heads should roll in this despicable case. The police have become a joke and social services are seriously not fit for purpose! I despair!

By the by I suppose the guilty will be sentenced to huge sentences which will be then be reduced by a quarter just like Chris Huhne and Vicki Pryce! No wonder people are turning to UKIP!

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