Wednesday, 15 May 2013

They Refuse to Resign so who will Sack them?

Chief Constable Sara Thornton
Sara Thornton ignored the evidence!
The facts behind the case in Oxford where young girls were 'groomed' by Asian perverts and were used as sex slaves is horrific! Time after time relatives and friends asked for help from the police and the Social Services and were ignored.

Now it transpires that the screams for help were genuine.  So why were they ignored?  The people in charge of the police and the social service once again apologise and ask us to move on. They refuse to resign even though their service, the service that they were in charge of, put some young girls through hell!

They had all the warnings but refused to help the girls in question. Now if you were in that position and you realised that your inactivity ensured that some of these girls were branded by a hot needle would you not feel ashamed of yourself?

Despite this the female chiefs of both organisations refuse to resign. They have of course no shame probably because they were appointed through their association with Common Purpose (I have no knowledge if this is true but it has all the hall marks of Common Purpose because it is incompetent and corrupt). So who will sack them? Why can they refuse to resign and not be sacked?

Can I ask one further question? Why is it that every time there is a question about police competence a female is paraded before the cameras?  Is that pure coincidence or a tactic? Often these women have been proven themselves to be incompetent so they should be sacked! They seem to rely on appearance rather than ability.

 If we don't sack them then the Asian perverts will prosper and continue their despicable activities. We either want to stop this behavior or we don't and if we do then both heads of departments should resign or be sacked because they clearly failed.

If we fudge the issue then we support that branding of young girls is  permissible.  These incompetent females should be sacked full stop. They should not be given the option of resignation because the victims suffered far too much through their complacency!


bewick said...


Dr Taj HArgey an Oxford Imam writes a very good article saying that the use of "asian" is a slur on the Japanese, Indians, Chinese etc. He says these vile perverts must be called what they are - muslims of Pakistani and Eritrean descent

bewick said...

As for the senior women. Well I'm not sexist but women Chief Officers seem to figure large in cases of scandalous dereliction of duty. Sharon Shoesmith was another but she was in fact sacked.
I note that Sara Thornton, the Chief Constable, is infected with management speak - The focus has got to be moving forward. I think the focus for me is on driving improvements in the future.’

Mmmm. Ann Cryer, and even Nick Griffin , brought attention to "muslim grooming" many years ago. They were ignored. One was prosecuted. (and no I'm not BNP). The current crop of cases is the small tip of a huge iceberg IMHO

bewick said...

PS Dr Hargey also says that it is WRONG to claim that these cases are nothing to do with religion or race. He claims that the actions of the men were completely racist against white girls and based on their version of islam.

Ripper said...

bewick - mouthing off again about a subject you know zilch about, except the 'he says she says' rubbish from the MSM. You can't even keep it in one post. You're either a troll or very, very naive.

bewick said...

Suppose I deserved that after balling you out for your link to a nonsense conspiracy theory website.
Never mind.
My 2nd post was because the 1st would have exceeded the word limit. The 3rd was an afterthought.
I know zilch? How do you know? I've reported a major article by Dr T H. It isn't "he says she says". It IS in print. References to Ann Cryer and Griffin are accurate but I know "zilch"? Go away.