Sunday, 26 May 2013

Another Act of Lunacy!

England+gypsiesI have long suspected that there is a hidden agenda within the Political Class to waste as much taxpayer's money as they can possibly get away with.  Daily we have exposures in the mainstream media that chronicle vast failures costing the taxpayer millions in wasted revenue and hardly ever do we hear of anyone being held accountable.

In my opinion the largest 'white elephant' remains the EU simply because it appears to be unauditable (is that a word?).  Then we have foreign aid which is also very difficult to trace but as long as we get poor, starving, African kids on our television screens on a daily basis we must assume that most of it is not arriving in the right place.

More recently we hear that the BBC (bless'em) have just wasted almost £100 million on a Digital Media Initiative which does not work.  In this case the Chief Technical Officer has been suspended until someone decides what went wrong but surely members of the Board (Lord Patten) are also culpable?

Then someone (the EU?) dreams up high speed rail (HS2) and at an initial cost of £32 billion will cut huge swathes through our countryside and probably in practice achieve almost nothing.  Every time we, who are all in it together, lose another local service the Political Class dream up another expensive plan.

The latest however, had me spluttering because they have now put aside £60 million pounds to build 884 new gypsy campsites with all mod cons.  These people purport to be 'travellers' but there is hardly  a town in the land which has not had to clear up after them.  Now it would appear that they don't want to 'travel' anymore as long as our government will pay for their new facilities.

I doubt very much if they have ever entered the mainstream of our society and paid conventional taxes. Until they do I do not believe that we should offer them a penny.  If they want an alternative lifestyle then they can pay for it.  I suspect that we all have at one time or another helped to pay for their lifestyle but for the government to put aside a huge sum of money for their comfort is astonishingly profligate.  They will then wonder why we taxpayers vote UKIP. While this continues we have no other choice!

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