Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Arrest of the Elderly Personalities!

Am I the only person to feel uncomfortable about the arrest of so many high profile 'celebrities' on charges that happened half a century ago. I have to admit that people like Jimmy Saville was clearly a wrong 'un and so it would appear was Stuart Hall.

I can accept that serial offenders should face the full force of the law even though I cannot agree in this retrospective justice. If it was a serious offence it should have been reported then and not many years later.

We are currently living in a culture light years away from the days of the sixties and seventies.  In those days we had 'groupies' who put themselves on the line because they were 'up for it'. This has always been the case.  Young girls have always pursued the male celebrities so why have we now had a spate of cases against these venerable but famous former stars.

Once again somebody has an agenda.  Nobody can compare life today under the current PC demand with life fifty years ago. Almost everyone who lived through those years knows that life was different. We were not exposed to sex education so we found out for ourselves.

What is happening now is ridiculous and it does not make sense so... as 'Judge Judy' would say... 'if it does not make sense then it is wrong'.  Just why are these aging celebrities being pursued when almost all of us who belonged to that generation had guilty secrets?

I would bet serious money that serious money is involved in these accusations.  Someone somewhere has seen a gap in the market and in those days so many girls were groped inappropriately that it could become a growth industry!


Anonymous said...

What worries me, is that they're all being classed as "paedophiles". When the biggest majority of the girls were sexually mature/had gone through puberty.

1450 complaints against Saville, yet not one whilst he was alive, Anna Racoon did an excellent set of posts regarding the start of the accusations at Dunwoody, which casts serious doubts about the accusers.

Stuart Hall was offered and will get a lesser sentence for pleading guilty to lesser offences, but who as an 83 year old knowing these are his twilight years, would want to spend them in jail. I am not saying he is innocent, however we will now never know.

bryboy said...

Yes I believe that the police are setting an agenda which suggsts to me an attempt at a cover up. Now comes news of the cosy link between Saville and the West Yorkshire Police who put many of their senior officers through Common Purpose training. Something is not right here and I suggest that too many people were involved so one day someone will break ranks. Tks for your interest.