Thursday, 16 May 2013


The BBC has once again led on an unsubstantiated report backed up by shaky amateur videos of supposed chemical attacks on Syrian people by so called government troops.  This is becoming a ridiculous scenario. They do it all the time and yet they continue to trumpet it as major news.

I have news for them. Nobody believes your propaganda! Stop these ridiculous attempts to influence the public. If President Assad was ever to use chemical weapons against an enemy who cannot defeat him then he would become an international pariah.

He does not need chemical weapons but the regime changers are losing so they must concoct any story to influence BBC news.  This national mainstream media news outlet continues to betray their remit.

The BBC was once an admired media all around the world.  They have become a joke! 


Anonymous said...

Pudding overegged?

You'd think by now that the general populace would hve gotten wise, but it appears to still work on the easily led and the legions taught not to think but trust in the there any more trustworthy than the state broadcaster?

If you keep telling the same lie does it eventually becomes the truth?



bryboy said...

Tka for your contribution Judd. I often get embarrassed for the presenters who have to peddle this tripe. Shaky, amateurish footage followed by regular warnings that the story is uncorroborated and nobody actually knows who is doing what to whom and why! We are in practice delivering arms and aid to potential enemies of the country.You could not make it up but they are!