Saturday, 4 May 2013

They Still Don't Get It!

File:Nigel Farage Autumn 2008.JPGThe dust has yet to settle on the political earthquake which erupted on Thursday resulting in UKIP advancing onto the mainstream political scene.  The reaction has been predictable because the arrogance of those in power has prevented them from understanding what is happening.

They still appear in the media refusing to answer direct questions, they still talk over each other (Chuka Umunna is the worst) and they still believe that UKIP is a minor protest party which will disappear when the PM promises us that he can renegotiate our relationship with the unaudited EU.

The people have spoken, well sufficiently enough to begin the fight back but there are still two thirds of the electorate who have given up and cannot be bothered to vote.  In this modern political world councillors are being elected into office by only 10% of the electorate! In Loughborough two Labour councillors gained office by polling 10% and 11% respectively.

For UKIP it is just the beginning.  The 147 councillors bear a huge responsibility and will have to learn the ropes very quickly.  They will come under huge scrutiny from all corners.  They are challenging a huge political machine which includes, politicians, civil servants, the mainstream media, quangos, bankers and the might of the European Union.

However, as ever, the public have sufficient weight of numbers to win every battle.  The mainstream politicians have had it so easy for so long that they have forgotten who the real boss is. I believe (rightly or wrongly) that the pensioners are supporting UKIP because we are the only group who can remember what life was like before we fell foul of the EU. 

If this momentum continues the European elections next year will be a blast.  The MEPs are elected by proportional representation which should be a huge advantage to UKIP as they draw support from the whole country rather than pockets of partisanship.  There is a chance that UKIP could send an angry and noisy presence to Brussels.

In the meantime I await the frantic efforts of Westmonster to deny the reality of their plight. Come 2015 so many of them could be facing the consequences of seeking work in the employment environment that they have helped to create!


Ripper said...

" Come 2015 so many of them could be facing the consequences of seeking work in the employment environment that they have helped to create!"

Bry, that would be great to see, but its just fantasy - Politicians are already billionaires with fingers in every pie. Personally I'd like to see all 650 of those gibbons in Westminster sacked, stripped of every penny and thrown on the dole properly but I know it won't ever happen. A good example was Neil Hamilton, who, finding himself bankrupt turned to doing crap TV programs along with his obnoxious wife.

bryboy said...

Unfortunately Ripper i have to agree. I would however suggest millionaires rather than billionaires. Hell what is the difference? Today we dug deeper into this utterly sleazy class when the Deputy Speaker(Nigel Evans} is arrested on suspicion of homosexual rape! For heaven's sake how much lower can we sink? Well let me give you a hint... our judges have supported so many sex offenders that they could almost be accused of personal bias. It will be a long road ahead because our public figures believe that they are untouchable. They are wrong!

Woodsy42 said...

Yes, we can remember pre the EU. We can also remember pre thatcher, the 3 day week, rolling power cuts, waking up to ice on the inside of the windows. Maybe we have to look forward to revisiting some of those things?

bryboy said...

Woodsy I well remember those days as well and I well remember the people involved like Wilson and Heath who are both believed in many quarters not to have batted for Britain. Personally I am sick of a constant succession of politicians who never seem to represent the public. If we carry on as we are we will be revisiting your scenario! Tks for your interest.