Monday, 20 May 2013

Hillsbrough the Aftermath!

Tonight on  BBC Panorama has aired a documentary on the cover up after the Hillsbrough fiasco which killed so many people.  Clearly it has now to be recognised that a major police cover up flourished after this dreadful event.

The very senior officer in charge (David Duckenfield) had so little experience that one wonders if his appointment was the result of Common Purpose training? South and West Yorkshire are hotbeds of Common Purpose infiltration.  David Duckenfield retired on a full pension ostensibly through ill health!

The Panorama programme also implicated other people who ignored the evidence to protect the guilty. The politicians and the West Midlands Police who apparently investigated this disaster have now been proven to be flawed and I do not mean that lightly.

It was a major cover up! They all lied  over and over again and still they retain their pensions and privileges. I want to see these people in court facing up to their obligations. So many people are involved in this cover up so let us name them. Those people involved are always protected by convention and lawyers so let us begin with Jack Straw who confesses that in hindsight he was wrong. 

Nobody implicated in this disgraceful cover up should be allowed to resign or disappear into the ether.  I want to see Duckenfield and Sir Norman Bettison in the dock facing the relatives of the dead and trying to explain why they did what they did!  Full Stop! 

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