Friday, 24 May 2013

The BBC and Newsnight!

The BBC and their flagship 'Newsnight' programme last night gave air time to a radical Muslim who is actually condoning or refusing to condemn the murder of the British soldier yesterday. Anjem Choudary is the man responsible for the Islamic lunacy committed in Woolwich and yet he now appears courtesy of the BBC to further his views and further offend viewers. How on earth is he still in this country and walking free on the streets? There again I suppose he is yet another 'on the radar' of the security services who are allowed to commit murder before being picked up!

This is disgusting! Once again the BBC is misjudging the mood of the people.  They are trying to justify some sort of Islamic fanaticism by bringing together various factions of the Muslim community to DEBATE this atrocity!

They actually allowed a supporter of the people who committed this murder air time to try and support the murderers. They have lost the plot and of course the response will probably be futile anger.

The BBC have often shown that they have scant regard for the views of the people who fund their nonsense but this time they have gone too far. If we had a government worth its salt then the BBC would lose its publically funded licence fee and their producers should be held to account for the bile that they allow to be aired.  Lord Patten himself should be held to account.


Ripper said...

Things like these are exactly why I won't ever pay a licence fee or watch the propaganda. If everyone was of the same mind the BBC would be extinct.

Examples such as your blog post need to be spread as widely as possible. There are lots of small campaigns out there to rid us of the licence fee but none with a voice big enough.

A rather strange phenomenon that I have found, when trying to spread the word about the TV licence is that some people are so indoctrinated that they have verbally attacked me for delivering the message. People are actually in fear of TVL and it shouldn't be like that.

Sorry to be slightly off topic.

Anunaken said...

BBC = Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation

bewick said...

Choudhary should be eviscerated in public. I think that it would not only be me pleased by such. Better it would satisfy HIS "religious" values. everyone satisfied. Ooops. Muslim insurgence? Bring it on.

bewick said...

@ Ripper. "the BBC would be extinct"
Actually the BEEB, amongst the crap, produces some fine programmes. Certainly better than some rivals. I'm guessing that you never listen to BBC radio? Oh you DO?
YOU, by failing to pay, cost ME more. i really hope that you are prosecuted. I was about to say that you are a ..... Oops slimeball insults aren't appropriate here so I won't say it.

Are you Roy Cropper from Coronation Street ? Yup I do sometimes watch that.