Thursday, 23 May 2013

Another Case for the Death Penalty?

Well now we know that a soldier really was murdered by Muslim fanatics on the streets of Woolwich yesterday.  The actuality of the crime was so graphic that it brought back memories of Enoch Powell's 'rivers of blood' speech way back in the nineteen sixties.

Our useless politicians have pussyfooted around this problem for far too long.  Their gentle approach to what is a very dangerous situation is betraying the public yet again. While they whittle on about 'gay marriage', 'foreign aid' and 'eurosceptics' there are people walking along our unprotected streets waging a war against our society.

When WILL someone of the very many overpaid police chiefs realise that we have a problem?  When will Westmonster address the subject? Oh I forgot they are once again on a holiday recess. Does David Cameron not realise that the public are aghast at this event.  We have been told for years that in some mosques Imaams are preaching 'hate' and radicalising their communities and yet nothing happens because they all have 'Human Rights'.

Well that poor lad serving his country also had 'Human Rights' unless they disappear with the colour of his skin and his uniform.  The two attackers are still alive. I don't know how or why because now we will have a judicial problem.  Why should this pair be kept alive for years at public expense? What punishment can we apply when they are so pitifully beyond the pail. 

We are apparently at war and yet our government will not recognise it.  They say that they are waging a war so should the death penalty now apply? We must do something.


GrumpyRN said...

Came across this on Facebook;

"Football hooligans: The government condemn them and make the people look like useless scum bags

Terrorists: Government "tip toe" around them making sure they have human rights!"

Says it all really, nothing much else to add.

F***W*T TW****R said...

It's called 'Common Purpose'. they will never admit that there is a problem with Islam. Hell, all those rapes and child molestations are not, according to them, anything to do with the fact that perps were islamic.

bryboy said...

We have a real problem here because our politicians have caused the problem. This is the accumulative result of years of misguided politics! They are all against the British public and continue to be so.
They are already trying to excuse the inexcusable. We should really harden our attitude towards terrorists. This British soldier should be honoured by being the turning point against the war against Islam (their words not mine}. If we do not respond positively then we will all eventually perish. Their game plan is out and out war and must be met with an aggressive response. The response of the EDL will be condemned but please tell me how do we respond to this type of crime?

bewick said...

@ F***W*T TW****R

The Muslm rapes. It seems, according to a channel 4 prog the other night that the police are pursuing over 100 muslims. That is just re the Telford Mob. How many more with Oxford, Derby, Rochdale, and many more. HOW much is this really a "minority" ? Looks like a majority to me. Time for action?