Sunday, 12 May 2013

Are Leading Politicians Immune from Police Investigations?

Last Thursday I pronounced my cynicism at the arrest of so many ageing celebrities.  I did wonder why Operation Yewtree was only discovering people from one walk of life who had committed offences against the under age.  

Then I came across this and I began to understand a lot more.  Ben Fellowes is a former child actor who is now an investigative journalist and clearly in his youth he encountered a lot of sexual advances from people who should have known better.  He recounts an experience he had whilst working on 'The Cook Report' which in it's day was quite controversial.

Despite the clearest account of a sexual assault committed on him by a very well known MP (you will have to follow the link to find out who it is) the police are apparently refusing to follow up so  does this mean that the police are protecting high profile political figures?

I followed up the story and this account of a 'sting' that was being perpetrated on Ian Greer associates during the 'cash for questions' scandal in the nineties clearly mentions a good looking young black lad called 'Ben' working for 'The Cook Report'.  So if he is being truthful about the event why would he invent the assault?

I am very uncomfortable that this is not being pursued. There were witnesses and they may of course deny it but surely the police are duty bound to follow up and ask a few questions?  I have been looking around the web since I read this.  A lot of people think David Icke is a loony (like Nigel Farage) but the trouble is he keeps getting it right!


Anonymous said...

You might also like to read about the Elm guest house in Barnes, owned by Mary Moss. Very disturbing.



Kryten said...

I'd suspect that its because the upper echelons of the police and judiciary are also involved. The media personalities, who were most likely fixers as well as abusers themselves, are the scapegoats.

I honestly think that this whole scandal goes all the way to the top, which is why it will never be investigated fully.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys and you will see that I have followed up Neutrino. This is disgusting and we must hold the political class to account. Welcome Kryten and I wrote my piece before seeing your comment. I want to shame our local politicians into challenging the establishment. The people to really blame are the established Oxfordshire Social Services who failed the girls. As I write the bitch in charge of the Oxford Social Services is on Newsnight refusing to resign. She failed to follow the evidence and now suggests that they are learning! Too late m'dear!