Friday, 3 May 2013

It is Getting Serious!

The success of UKIP today is having serious consequences for the mainstream media. They do not know how to handle this totally unexpected public disapproval of the Political Class. They have in effect lost control of British politics and they don't know how to deal with it!

Let's face it UKIP could not field sufficient candidates to deal with their support.  Here in Loughborough people were heard to be complaining that they did not have a UKIP candidate to vote for! They will next time.

UKIP have a major battle ahead because they must face the natural prejudice of the mainstream media which they do not own.  They must then have sufficient experience to combat the Civil Service who have now been bought and paid for. Then they have the problem of the quangos who are all on the EU payroll and finally the Town Hall fat cats owe their re-numeration to Common Purpose who have corrupted almost every avenue of public service.

The battle has just begun. So much needs to be dismantled and reconstructed.  Nigel Farage could in future years be this generation's Winston Churchill!  He must have immense courage to face the forces against him.  Hitler never had the firepower that the anti Farage brigade can muster.  

Today was a game changing election. I have for five years been seeking anyone trying to break the stranglehold that these political animals have on this country. At last we have a party which represents the public and have a sufficient organisation to threaten the established parties.

One day they WILL get seats in Westmonster and then once again it may become Westminster. It is game on folks which is wonderful news.


NewsboyCap said...


I am genuinely pleased for you, I really am. You know I don't believe in central Government but this post of yours is truly from your heart. I hope that UKIP can deliver what the people of this nation really deserve, independence from the corruption of the EU, a true sense of self worth, respect for the individual and a Government that represents the people. It's going to take a hell of an effort to achieve, I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Great post Bry, fully agree. Ukip are what this country needs at this time.

Apart from bloggers I have not seen any MSM reports in favour of Ukip. they are so out of touch. It has to change?

Kind words, Newsboycap.



bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys but as I said it is only the beginning. Many of these newly elected UKIP councillors are just enthusiastic amateurs and they will have to learn the ropes. Some will fail but at least they have shaken the Political Class to the core and I have yet to see one reaction, from anywhere, which convinces me that the mainstream politicians have understood why the public have rejected them.