Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Would our Politicians REALLY Do this?

I have spent some time today trawling round the Internet mixing it with conspiracy theorists. Now I know that there will always be nutters out there concocting mischief but what I have read today is really disturbing. All over the web people are challenging the official versions of some of the most despicable acts of treachery imaginable.

I first picked this up on Captain Ranty's blog. Scroll down to his article entitled 'The Guns of Neverown' and follow up on his links. You will eventually arrive at an article by Niall Bradley . Clearly there are many questions which need to be answered.

Then go to 'YouTube' and Search for 'Sandy Hook Conspiracy'. It is of course very likely that the United States has a large number of lunatics who mistrust their politicians but I must admit that if my 6 year old had been murdered at Sandy Hook Primary School I would not be acting like some of these 'parents'. 

I also question the confusing evidence of a Gene Rosen, a so called resident of Sandy Hook.  He apparently discovered 6 children, survivors of the catastrophe, in his driveway. For some reason he did not report it to the police and kept them for an hour feeding them fizzy drinks and giving them soft toys to play with!!

Something is disturbingly wrong!  It goes on and on. I then discovered a similar incident that happened in Tasmania and was responsible for the Australian gun laws to be revised. It happened at Port Arthur.  There is much on the web which suggests that this episode was also a government cover up. This sums up the apparent abject actions of the authorities to blame the event on a boy of very limited intelligence.

Then my research took me back to Dunblane because that was the horrific event which changed the gun laws in the UK.  Surely this was not another PsyOp condoned by our government to further the ends of an authority which none of us has ever voted for?  Surely Tony Blair who was the PM at the time would never be a party to the killing of children to further the aims of any political grouping?

Read on folks!  They could not let the public know what really happened but Google it.  The so called killer, Thomas Hamilton, was heard to scream before he 'committed suicide'! I think that in the whole history of suicides nobody has ever screamed in fear!

Personally I know nothing.  I only rely on my instincts of human behaviour. I know what I would feel and what I would do and as Judge Judy would say if it doesn't make sense then it is not true.

I suspect that somebody who is behind the elected governments of the western world is prepared to go to any lengths to ensure that the public cannot arm themselves against their governments!  If they ban all weaponry then they hold all the trump cards. They have managed it in the UK (Dunblane and Hungerford) and in Australia (Port Arthur) but the United States is a much tougher nut to crack.

The people in the States are also onto them.  I hope that it doesn't mean yet another massacre of the innocents blamed on some poor sap who probably doesn't know his arse from his elbow! My question is how can these elected politicians condone this activity because it is quite clear that something is wrong?

I know... it is actually unreal. My wife thinks that I am losing my mind but the evidence speaks for itself. It is only in the past 20 years that we have continually had these atrocities inflicted upon us. Someone is trying to change the gun rules in the western world but who could possibly believe that it merits this degree of depravity? 

Am I mad? Comments please!


Ripper said...

Yes, I believe they really would do it Bry.

FYI Thomas Hamilton had links with top members of judiciary and political parties. There are many that believe that the children killed at Dunblane were specifically targetted by him. Could it be, I wonder, that these children had begun to open their mouths about sexual abuse? I guess we'll never really know for sure, but it all fits perfectly.

Also, despite denying for years that he ever visited Haut de la Garenne, there are photos of Jimmy Saville surrounded by kids with the building in the background. And what was the PM Heath doing there in Morning Cloud at the same time? We can only guess.

Anonymous said...

"I have spent some time today trawling round the Internet mixing it with conspiracy theorists......."

Regardless of what is revealed people still revert to state indoctrination with the calling of brave, intelligent, selfless, individuals who have brilliant investigative skills and critical thinking ability as 'conspiracy theorists'. Didn't you ever for once think of just WHO were responsible for creating such a slur?

Until people (yes you) acknowledge that they don't realise they've been programmed to accept lies as truth such as "the government is there to protect you and your nation from harm" then they may as well STOP to even bother considering that something isn't right and simply go back to being contented slaves.

The only hope elderly people like you have of your offspring living in any freedom loving (and living) societies are 'conspiracy theorists'. Do you know that anyone who offers an alternative to what the media brainwashes you with is called a 'conspiracy theorist'? Worse than this are people like you who go along with it to effectively pillory and castigate those who seek to free you from bondage simply by accepting the name and calling people conspiracy theorists.

HISTORY (his story) has been solely built on and is nothing but CONSPIRACY for goodness sake!

Highland Cooncil said...

THe People are fastly awakening.
I spent a year before 911 doing
just Auschwitz.
Met Zoe Polanski-Palmer in Dundee....

Everything stopped at 911.

Look into anything and you will find the TRUTH horrible as it is.

YOU are NOT alone.

We are Legion.
Expect us.

Highland Cooncil said...

Back again.


Anonymous is not merely a group of ‘hackers’.
Anonymous is the art of being indignant.
It is the art of being one yet being nothing

Anonymous is not a group. It is a living idea, an idea that can be updated for the better.

None of us are as cruel as all of us!

Anonymous cannot be harmed, no matter how many Anonymous may fall in battle.

Anonymous cannot be out-numbered.

Anonymous is a hydra, constantly moving, constantly changing. Remove one head, and ten replace it.

Anonymous reinforces its ranks exponentially at need.

Anonymous has no weakness or flaw.

Anonymous exploits weaknesses and flaws.

Everyone is Anonymous, you're Anonymous, your parents are Anonymous, your neighbours are Anonymous, I'm Anonymous.


Yer chum, Dave

Anonymous said...

Bryboy, dunblane happened on the 13th of March 1996. Tony Blair became prime minister on the 2nd of May 1997. One of the reasons conspiracy theories are just that, False information.!!!!!


Highland Cooncil said...

Told You.

Neutrina Anonymous said...above.

Anonymous exploits weaknesses and flaws.

bryboy said...

Tks for your input guys. I sometimes Isuspect that I present my arguments rather timidly. The reason being that I try to educate not intimidate. I have quite often tackled issues which friends and family did not know existed. My mention of 'conspiracy theorists' was meant to be an introduction to the VERY controversial subject that I was airing but I accept your reprimand anon because in essence you are correct.

Tks for returning Dave. I have visited your blog and I respect your courage. I don't have that kind of eyeball to eyeball bravado I'm afraid.

Neutrino sorry for the factual inaccuracy but was it not Tony Blair who brought in the anti gun laws? Whatever because the politicians completely exploited Dunblane and the same thing happened in Australia following Port Arthur.

Now we have Sandy Hook and the outcome will be the same in the States. There is however a difference. The United States is vast. They may be able to cow the Eastern Seaboard and the major cities but I cannot see the country cousins giving up their guns without a fight!

Ripper I'm with you! I just tread a mite more carefully. I know about Thomas Hamilton and at one time I wrote about Holly Greig. Scottish politicians can be an evil bunch.

I suspect more will follow on Sandy Hook because I understand that nobody can find any trace of Adam Lanza for about 3 years (including his brother). He was also a puny 150 pound kid who could not have carried the weaponry that they say he did! The three men that they arrested at the scene have also disappeared into thin air. Nice One!

Hei Hu Quan said...

Cheers for the link over friend. It all begins with questions that lead to troubling and missing answers and then to yet more questions. Questions about this violence which took the lives of innocent and tiny children, are being asked by those who are not getting answers from law-enforcement nor those in the conventional media. Instead we are getting lies, distortions of fact and a whole lot of missing evidence, contrary reports and state-approved hearsay. There will be more mass shootings to come by those with a specific agenda of control. We are just trying to protect ourselves in the future by identifying those who were behind this one today.

Take a long look at how the self-assumed "elite" handled peaceful, unarmed masses in the Occupy Wall Street movement. They were deemed a threat to be dealt with using state violence, duplicity and COINTELPRO subversion. The activists were all unarmed, peaceful, and seen as a serious threat to the power structure. This same power structure is protecting outright financial criminals and are complicit in engineering austerity plunder. Of this there can be no denial or controversy. The reaction to this is the masses about the globe are sorely pissed, and letting them know in myriads of ways. Resistance amongst the populace is building as fast as the accompanying rage. The architects of this hell are aware of this transition and are right scared to the core, which is why they need the citizenry disarmed. You see the unarmed always make very compliant victims and peace is never negotiable with utter thugs.

Australia now has a foreign US Marine base, 2,500 strong on its country. The UK is now field test ground zero, for every vile piece of surveillance technology and repression they can envision. Would these same measures have occurred if the populace had not been disarmed?

It's funny how black market arms are available to obtain with relative ease in both Australia and the UK. Violent nutters have not reduced their ranks, and yet there haven't been any other shooting rampages the likes of Dunblane or Port Arthur. It's like the terrorist killer spigot had just suddenly been turned off, right after gun bans went into effect.

Anonymous said...

Hei Hu Quan,

"Questions about this violence which took the lives of innocent and tiny children"

It is believed that NO children were harmed and the parents were actors. There are also reports of Newtown being a satanist hub.

As for violent nutters with guns, well, I can't think of anyone more than the armed forces whose population is made up of video game indoctrinated drones with zero compassion, empathy, ethics and morals. Full frontal lobotomies all round wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to their critical thinking abilities. And then of course there are the police too.......

The UK is becoming a magnet for world crime syndicates, legal (banks and corporations) and illegal (mafias). Whereas in the past there were local indigenous families, today we have Italian, Eastern European, Turkish, West Indian, Japanese and Chinese mafias all vying for supremacy. They were all let in for a reason. They do for the elites what the elites can't do through government legislation. These mafias were all invited here for a reason.

America is merely a replay of the UK. It's more understandable when one realises that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) runs the show over there which is itself merely a branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) over here in the UK. The implementation of world government is almost complete. They just have to mop up the Muslim enclaves still remaining as Russia and China are controlled too.

Anonymous said...


You are sane; it is the majority that have been conditioned otherwise.

Here are some internet columns for you to read, they sum up the zeitgeist of our era:




Urban Commando.

bryboy said...

This is one of the most interesting topics that I have ever encountered. Tks to everyone for their contribution. As usual I poke a stick into the mire and discover a much greater stink than I could have imagined. Clearly I need to read more. I find it difficult to discuss this issue without meeting ridicule.

Anonymous said...

"It is believed that NO children were harmed and the parents were actors. There are also reports of Newtown being a satanist hub."

Give me facts on this or dont write such falsehoods.

Anyone can write whatever they want on the internet and some dolt will believe it.

No Jews were gassed at Aushwitz.

Theres one.

Thats all these conspiracy theories are. People with too much time on their hands.



Anonymous said...


There's no point in trying to sway people's opinions like you. Your mind is a locked fortress swimming in msm propoganda. It would be an utter waste of my time trying to do so. The internet holds a vast amount of information. If you really seek answers and more importantly the truth, you should be looking for it yourself instead of asking others to prove their findings to brainwashed slaves, like yourself.
Your information and education comes courtesy of a highly controlled msm and state brain laundry. Discussing reality with you would be like trying to make a psycopath understand compassion. An utterly pointless procedure.

bryboy said...

Yes Neutrino I respect your point of view and I thank you for your contribution but can you not recognise that something is wrong here? We have no proof that Adam Lanza was anywhere near the scene. There are no photographs of anything...I mean ANYTHING!! We have the local police picking up three individuals who have disappeared off the face of the earth! We have a 'local' on television confusing his facts and so called 'parents' grinning before they discuss the violent death of their children!

I want to hear from the parents of the teachers who were killed. I want to hear from people who were devastated by the loss of their children. I want some reality in this scenario! At this moment we have been denied so much.

Unless somebody comes forward with some provable fact then the doubts will continue. Have you a view on this Neutrino...by the way I'm not picking on you but you challenge and I am interested on your take on this.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Bry, I have to work so I just can't commit the time, like others, to be able to study conspiracy theories. I admire your blog because you write from the heart and cover many topics which are thought provoking.
Because of the Internet and only because of the Internet, every major incident is follwed by a conspiracy theory. Nothing is ruled out. Like the bible you can find anything in it to justify your viewpoint.
You can search and search and you'll end up with 100 bits of information to illustrate your particular theory, but you'll also have not one fact that is proof to nail it.
I know I will get dogs abuse again, but I'm the person you have to convince that your particular theory Is right, I'm open to anything as long as it is based on hard evidence.
You'll be telling me next that man never landed on the moon!!!!!!!

Kind regards


bryboy said...

I admire that response Neutrino. I think that we are like minded because I am not easily convinced that all is not well. I have to admit however, that the more I research, since I retired, the more I am becoming convinced that there is a very evil force at large. Some call it a New World Order emanating from the Rothschild banking dynasty but I am not entirely sure. What concerns me most is that we have front line politicians who come across as being 'family' orientated and then seem to support the utterly evil and corrupt programme that can only damage our children! IMHO the destruction of family life and our education system is at the heart of all our problems. I feel another post coming on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response, I cannot disagree with anything you have stated, I just can't believe that the upper echelons of our society can be so organised to commit the acts of evil that you speak of. I know power corrupts but our own humanity must kick in at some point. Maybe I'm too much of an optimist. I don't believe that is a bad thing. I have children and can only steer them so far, to instill in them that every thing is evil from an early age I don't think is the best way, they must stay innocent until they can understand the implications.

Kind regards


selsey.steve said...

Read the link:-

This is a quote ... ".. a total coincidence that according to Google.com, the United Way Sandy Hook donation support page was created on December 11, 2012 -- a full three days before the shooting took place."