Monday, 28 January 2013

Nicky Morgan MP

A couple of days ago I received a communication from my local MP Nicky Morgan. She actually posted to me through Royal Mail a copy of David Cameron's speech on Europe! Why did she do this? A little while ago I am afraid that I sent her an E Mail asking her why as a 'Conservative' she was supporting the EU which is clearly a Marxist organisation which wants to enslave us all. 

Acyually I was more polite than that but the point is valid. She stood against Andy Reed (a very good constituency MP) as a Conservative and yet now she is supporting a far left undemocratic organisation.  

I  must admit that I was surprised that she had remembered my opposition. I admire her organisation for remembering that in her constituency she had a dissenter, an unbeliever and someone who had a voice. Unfortunately her support of David Cameron cuts no ice with me. I suspect that she is committed and pleasant. She is however in a dishonest and difficult game.

If I can depose her with a UKIP candidate then she is gone because her support for the EU ensures that she has been bought and paid for and that is shocking for a local Loughborough MP! Sorry Nicky but you backed the wrong horse!


SAB said...

My local MP is Andrew Bridgen (con). Again he seems a pleasant enough person. He works hard for our community and opposes many things coming out of the conservative government (inc HS2) which he says will ruin local countryside, cost local taxpayers but will be of no benefit to them. Shame I can't vote for him. I have told him as much by email which he acknowledged.

SAB said...

PS. I'm under no illusion that Nigel Farage will be the next PM, but just to get their voice heard in parliament would assist in bringing back a degree of Common Sense to British politics. I read somewhere that borrowing has gone up by 60% since these clowns took power. They impose these puny austerity measures which affect local hospital units and public services but are a mere drop in the ocean when we're still giving away billions in foreign aid! £80M to the likes if Syria!! Never mind crazy or irresponsible, it's nothing short of criminal!

bryboy said...

Hi SAB! We are surely like minded! We want our country back. They now want us to pay for a war in bloody Mali! Are these politicians not sick of seeing dismembered servicemen arriving back from combat? They sicken me!

bryboy said...

PS Are you a member of UKIP? I have not yet shown my face at their monthly meeting mainly because I buried my mother on the date of their last meeting. I must attend the next one. They are desperately seeking local candidates. I am too old but....?

SAB said...

I am a fully paid up member yes. I'll be getting in touch to find out who's standing for NW Leics.

I've just been reading up about Liz Truss and her crazy childcare reform. She appears to be one of the Tory 'class of 2010' and one of the authors of a book called Britannia Unchained, which is apparently full of new hair brained schemes to modernise the globe! Lovely I'm sure.