Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mali is Madness!

What drives a man like David Cameron to insist upon our armed forces (our depleted and abused armed forces) being constantly involved in wars year after year? Surely he cannot believe that the public will once again fall for the lies that we won't be involved in combat?

If you enter a war zone in uniform you get involved in combat. Firstly we were told that it was only administrative support. You know a couple of planes to help out the French and then it was 40 'advisors' to train the locals and suddenly hundreds are involved!

This is madness!  We are not out of Afghanistan yet and he is lining us up for yet another round of bodybags. Our 10 year war in Afghanistan of course has been so successful that this is now happening. It does not make me proud of our useless politicians!

I am personally convinced that someone, somewhere is pulling the strings that make our PM tick. We can all read the history books. The problem is that much of our history has been sanitised.  The older I get the more that I understand and the UK is being systematically taken apart.  The one organisation which could not fall into the arms of 'modernisation' is the Armed Forces so it has been sidelined.

If the British public has any sense they would be protesting against the financial cost of this war and the abuse of our troops but who cares when Ryland has just won Celebrity Big Brother!

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