Sunday, 20 January 2013

I am Addicted!

I began my blog five years ago and I thought that I could walk away and never again comment on the nonsense that we repeatedly see aired through the Mainstream Media (MSM). Sorry but I am addicted and I have also been supported by so may people who follow me, many of whom do not comment, that I have decided to take a deep breath and plod on.

This blog is my voice in a world where the individual generally does not have a voice. The blogosphere is the last sphere where an individual can voice honestly held opinions which differ from government and we need that voice.

There is so much evil in modern politics where, in my opinion, every modern day politician appears to be sponsored by someone who supports modernisation that democracy vanished years ago.  Year after year the same stories appear and yet nothing gets done. For example look at the chaos at Heathrow when only a couple of inches of snow arrives.  Look at the benefits issue where foreigners can arrive and somehow immediately qualify for huge benefits without any check.

Nothing ever changes!  Bankers and politicians almost bring down the economy of the counrtry and always the public are punished. The European Union have decreed that very soon hundreds of thousands of Rumanians and Bulgarians, who are not already here, will also get access to our benefits system.  Everyone but everyone realises that this could be the final straw which breaks the back of our education system, our health service and our prison service but how many of our front bench politicians on either side of the house are expressing concern?

In the States Barack Obama and his administration are beyond belief. So much that their media puts into the public domain is being questioned. There is a petition currently doing the rounds that favours impeaching the President on the grounds that he is not and never was an American Citizen. I am one of those who believes that his background is so shrouded in mystery that something is wrong.

We must continue to question and probe.  I know that sometimes I get things wrong but at least I keep questioning because I do not trust anyone with an agenda. Our politics stinks so somewhere we will uncover wrongdoing we just have to keep trying.


bewick said...

Good to see you back. Note that other sites appear to be having problems with Blogger - may just have been a technical hitch? Except that one site I visit has been down twice in the last 5 days.

SAB said...

Excellent! Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are at it again Bry.

Your article covers many issues.

Heathrow, we really are the laughing stock of the whole world on this one.

Immigration, again they are all laughing at us, Wait till Turkey gets in to the Eu, we will be flooded by more Muslims then.

We live in a country that is and always has had a chronic housing shortage, yet we continually allow immigration to continue. There must be a reason? Any suggestions?

Obama, can you imagine the riots, if anyone try's to impeach a blackman!!! It ain't going to happen.

I was of the opinion not too long ago that decisions are made, by the politicians, that we don't need to know about, but it seems to me now, that these same people are making decisions to the detriment of the people who they serve, this is unforgivable and must be stopped.



bryboy said...

We get what we deserve guys. Until we can find a way to educate the vast majority of the electorate then Con/Lab/Lib will carry on as before. We moan and groan but at every election they get back in and continue their destruction of most things that we hold dear. I reckon in 2015 that we will probably get Labour back despite their previous performances and their current leader definitely does not back Britain!