Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Here We Go Again!

I simply cannot believe that David Cameron thinks that he can resurrect the fraudulent promise he made prior to the last election of an in/out referendum on the EU if he is returned to power in 2015. We have heard it all before and most of us know that David Cameron has absolutely no intention of pulling the UK out of the EU. 

He is so committed to this useless behemoth that he will, once again, find any excuse to renege on this one particular promise. Only UKIP would follow through with a fair referendum on this issue. Cameron is trying to stave off the threat of UKIP because they may not win many seats in our redundant parliament in 2015 but they will stop him from winning an overall majority.

Nobody who thinks about politics (and far too many don't) believes that the people will ever get an opportunity to opt out of the EU.  By the timescale that Cameron is indicating I suspect that, of the leading players in Europe, only Germany will still be solvent.

In the meantime we will have been inundated by benefit seeking Rumanians and Bulgarians and English speaking Europeans will be ahead of every job market in the the UK because are own children in general are so badly educated that many are unemployable!

I watch PM's Question Time every Wednesday and what always amazes me is that nobody ever debates the matters which affect the people.  They trade insults across the despatch box but the matters which we want addressing are never aired in an adult manner.  

We have allowed hundreds of thousands of foreigners to arrive here, many of them illegally, to fill our prisons, alter the appearances of our city centres, groom young girls and claim our benefits.  Now our politicians are demanding that we build houses for them on green belt land!  We have got to forget human rights and once and for all sort this situation out because until they have the guts to tackle this cancer in our society everything else will become secondary.


Austin P said...

Deporting the influx of migrant hordes would amount to civil war.

How could millions of third worlders be repatriated without force?

Perhaps that's why the mass influx was allowed to happen. Perhaps forcing the "aboriginal" Europeans to unite in the face of a common third world enemy was the plan all along?

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. You can't have a united Europe unless indigenous Europeans are forced to unite against a common foe.

bryboy said...

I think that you may have a point Austin P. From what I read the situation in parts of mainland Europe is even more serious. If you force people of many different cultures to live side by side you risk confrontation...look at Luton!
Tks for your contribution.