Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sir Jeremy Heywood Investigates?

Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood was awarded a knighthood the day before he took up his post
Sir Jeremy Heywood
It is a very long time since I witnessed such an inept performance from a Senior Civil Servant.  In a very short time Sir Jeremy Heywood, who was responding to questions from a Public Administration committee. this morning regarding his investigation into 'Plebgate', proved himself either utterly incompetent or he was misleading the committee.

There were almost gasps of astonishment that he admitted to ignoring the police log and the TV evidence and that he only looked at the relevant E-Mails. What I find incredible is that David Cameron believed that this investigation was in anyway credible. Andrew Mitchell resigned even though there appears to no proof of wrongdoing!

I cannot help but wonder just what the Cabinet Secretary was hiding? He hid behind the excuse that almost everything was 'beyond his remit'  and he should not be investigating the police so why bother with an investigation at all.

Considering this man is a public servant his performance was arrogant and inept and he should be held to account.  No wonder the Political Class are held in contempt!

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