Sunday, 27 January 2013

Derby County

I can no longer expend the physical and financial effort to go and support my team but from afar and though the medium of SKY I still care. After all I have now been involved with the Rams for longer than I have been retired and that puts one's sense of loyalty to the test believe me.

Yesterday for the umpteenth time we were knocked out of the cup by a team we were expected to beat. Recently we have indicated that the policy of the American owners to buy cheap and rely on the academy has had some success.  It is indeed heartening to watch locally grown talent break into the first team and it is also rewarding to watch players from the lower regions improve into Championship players.  It is a recipe to keep you into the Championship but it is unlikely to get you out of it.

Yesterday evening I listened to Radio Derby after the Rams had been beaten out of sight by a run of the mill Blackburn Rovers and to a man the supporters were criticising the tactics and team selection of manager Nigel Clough.  

It is clear to the vast majority of fans that we have a talented squad of young players but it is also clear that playing one very moderate non scoring striker up front is not giving the team a chance to threaten the opposition. They are playing matches with one hand tied behind their backs and I am beginning to wonder if it is deliberate.

I get the impression that the limit of ambition of the board is to remain in the Championship. Mid-table is fine thank you Nigel! He will remain in his job as long as he does as he is told. His tactics are repeatedly timid and he ignores some of the better young players and overplays others. I have become frustrated with his repeated mistakes and attendances are dropping (apart from the Forest game) so I am not alone. 


Anonymous said...
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Captain Ranty said...


Please delete the comment above.

I am not the person this sick & twisted troll insists that I am.

Ian has done nothing wrong and his private details should be removed immediately.



Martin said...

Do one you troll , leave my friend alone otherwise I'm coming to find you . When I do not even god will be able to help you .

Martin said...

I used to love going to the baseballground in the seventies . In amongst the houses and the alleys . Bought a second hand biography of cloughie I haven't read yet , but I will . Bringing youngsters through to the team is good , I like to hear it .we used to get excited when one was spotted for the youths , waiting to see him in the first team . Chairmans make a difference . The Cobbold family used to let wor Bobby get on with the show . I have the same feeling about our lot now , nice finish midtable championship , will balance the books small profit , no risks . I am of course talking about the once mighty ITFC . Which reminds me I still hold a grudge against the rams for pipping us to the title in them days . All the best .

bryboy said...

Firstly Job Done CR what a prat!

Welcome Martin even if you are a Tractor Boy! LOL. I was born in one of those houses and alleys near the old Baseball Ground.

I see that ITFC got rid of Paul Jewell at last. Did nothing for us either!