Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Can We Believe?

I visit YouTube frequently because it is uncensored and 'nutters' can post their thoughts on this medium. In amongst the dross and the conspiracy theorists are genuine attempts to expose the authorities who are seemingly bringing down the America which so many of us have visited and loved.

We must however examine the facts. The United States was the richest country in the world at one time and then Barack Obama came to power. That is fact. 

The right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of their constitution is enshrined. That is a fact. The Americans have had access to arms since the birth of their country but it is only recently that they have suddenly had a spate of people walking into schools/theatres/cinemas and gunning down their citizens. That is also a fact.

Now why has this so recently become a problem? Has someone got a secret agenda? Most of us who think about it realise that something is not right in America. Family units have all but been discouraged. The morality in the country has all but been destroyed.  Someone has attacked the very core of their beliefs. 

How can this bastion of democracy be under such attack?  It is all over YouTube. My job is just to bring it to you. You must make up your own mind about what to believe and what is nonsense. If you have time on your hands and are curious here is one of the links. Of course that is not YouTube so here is another.

I promise you that you will get hooked.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm hooked on ears, just like the nutter who made the video.



bryboy said...

OK Neutrino you have brought me down to earth but I have found other evidence to discredit the author. However...he seems to have a point because he is not the only person to believe that Sandy Hook was a false flag incident.

I believe that 'Dallasgreenbug' and 'RichardBDawson' have hit upon a theme. They are sometimes wrong but hell they have also exposed an absolute nonsense. There is now little doubt that something is seriously wrong in the United States. There appears to be a real threat of Civil War! Obama is trying to change their constitution and that might work on the Eastern Seaboard and the big cities but...hell the country cousins will never surrender their weapons.

Obamaa is gearing up to a major confrontation. If you follow the signs on the blogosphere then many people are concerned about the future. If I read it right the States is on the edge of a major disaster! I anticipate your take on this Neutrino!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Bry, I haven't got a take on this subject, wish i had the time to delve deeper. My issues are closer to home. Rumania and Bulgaria are our next big problem. Our whole infrastructure is at the point of collapse, schools, hospitals and housing, but we won't be able to stop thousands of immigrants coming here and making things a whole lot worse.

Someone enlighten me on how this is right?



SAB said...

It isn't right at all and what's worse is we're powerless to stop it whilst we're in the EU. Dave's promise of a referendum in four years time is useless. All the damage will have been done by then. Hey, even the Turks might have their giros stamped by then too. The good news is that UK citizens are free to go and live in Romania/Bulgaria :-)