Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The British Drinking Problem

OK the pictures appearing in the mainstream media are typical and we have all witnessed the inexplicable behaviour of our young people. I must declare an interest because in my time I have sunk some stuff!  I remember some of my more extreme exploits in the army which today make me wince.

The difference is that no matter what state I was in I always got myself to safety. Not once in a career of over indulgence in alcohol have I ever needed the assistance of the police or the medical profession. 

The photos in the papers are horrific mainly because it generally involves scantily clad females.  I cannot understand the culture that insists that the young have to drink until they are utterly incapable. It must cease but our politicians just ignore it. They actually created it with the introduction of Tony Blair's 'cafe culture' 24 hour drinking Bill.

This cannot be allowed to continue.  It is not the price of alcohol that is the problem.  It is the attitude of the young to alcohol. They don't just go out to get drunk they try to empty their brains. They want to act in an irresponsible manner so that it excuses disgusting behaviour and the next day they glory in it!

It is time to call a halt. We must stop them harming themselves and inconveniencing everyone else. They must be made to pay for the treatment that they receive.  I would suggest that if they cannot control themselves then they should face a fine. 

If the police or the medical services are involved in any capacity then I believe that a £200 penalty should be imposed. It then gets doubled for every subsequent offence until they get the message! 

We must get tough for their own good. Once they fear the fine they may just get responsible.  Then they can brag that they are on '£800' so they cannot afford a further offence!

It is the only language that they understand.  It will give them 'street cred' and possibly save their lives. We just need some action from those 'plebs' in Westmonster!!


Anonymous said...

Bring back the licensing laws as they stood pre-Bliar. That might help to curb the worst excesses.

bewick said...

"Scantily clad females"? Newcastle then. Over 20 years ago, on a cold and snowy December Friday night, I went out with my team in Newcastle for our Christmas booze-up. We were all well wrapped up but felt out of place. The City was swarming with girls wearing the absolute minimum clothing - short skirts and boob tubes only - and lads with just T shirts and jeans.

Sadly it is like that EVERY Friday and Saturday night in Newcastle. It is a wonder that more don't actually die of exposure - a few have.
I'm generally with you Bryboy on the fines. Except, that is, they should be charged, even on 1st offence, for the FULL cost of the extra policing and health costs. After all few of these people pay Council tax and a good proportion probably don't even pay tax since they are on benefit. There's the rub - they'd never pay the fines.
Perhaps 3 month prohibition orders (like ASBOs) might be useful?
I also agree with anonymous. Then again, in the cities, the nightclubs always served alcohol well into the early hours and legally. Blair licencing had little or no affect on village pubs.

bryboy said...

We must do something. My beef with the Coalition is that they always come up with highly publicised policies which achieve nothing and ignore the problems which affect the public.

Our politicians are just not in touch with public opinion because they know that our votes count for nothing.

The degrading of our young people
has been planned and organised. Unless you can pay for proper education then you will be subject to the power of the state.

The children of 'Labour' politicians rarely attend state schools. They know what is afoot. They have imposed a political system which makes it cool for the young to be abused.

Look at what is cool? Tattoos for girls tattoos for anyone? Girls are made to look gorgeous and men are made to look scruffy. Body Piercing?

If you can demean a young person then our government (no matter which party) will condone it. They condone porn, lewd television, Emmerdale at 7pm and disgraceful behaviour at every level.

It is little wonder that Jimmy Savile was allowed to abuse for so long. He was part of the plan.

We really MUST impose some penalty for irresponsible behaviour. We cannot have our police/emergency services tied up with drunken louts when the elderly are waiting hours for ambulances. I will so no more for the time being.