Sunday, 13 January 2013

Is this Dynamite or is it a Hoax,,,You Decide?

The Sandy Hook incident has really taken off on the Internet. It has become way beyond a conspiracy theory. There are serious doubts about the whole affair.  It now seems that it was a 'drill' which has been turned into a major horrifying incident. Look, if you are interested there are so many videos on YouTube that you can make your own mind up.

I however, have come up with something else which might make you think. Do you remember the Texan Representative Gabrielle Gifford who was shot in a car park near Tucson Arizona when holding a public meeting? If you don't no matter because here is a reminder.

By the way the Casey Anthony trial was huge in the States. I know that we knew very little about it here but in this context we need to know the background to appreciate the the video that I am about to reveal. 

During the shooting of Gabrielle Gifford,  a 9 year old girl Christina Taylor Green. was also killed. It prompted a call to reform the gun laws in the United States.  The Sandy Hook episode has also been used to allow the politicians to reform their gun laws.  Now watch this video!

I hope that it is opening eyes to what is happening in the States but please don't think that it can't happen here. I am beginning to suspect Lockerbie and the London Tube bombing never mind Dunblane and Hungerford! 


bryboy said...

I think that this will be my last post because this blog has been disabled. I have found a way to post but not to make corrections to the post so I apologise that my final link about Gabby Gifford was straight into the video and not the background to the incident. I suppose it just goes to illustrate the whole point of VMB. We are now East Germany. Our government can now close down free speech and nobody cares. You may hate Harbinger/Urban Commando/Andonandon but he does have a point. I too hate his attitude and tone but I have to concede that as a nation he has a point. In my opinion our politicians are traitors because they have been bought and paid for by Illuminati money. Anyway enough is enough. So thanks too you ALL! It has been five years of fun.

Anonymous said...

I've decided, it's a hoax.

All the best for the future.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

What else have they done?
9/11, US and Israel:

bewick said...

What a shame. Good luck