Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What is this Crazy Coalition Doing with our Money?

Today I read a report that, despite all the so called austerity measures, our ridiculous government is borrowing more and more to give to the EU and other foreign powers all over the world. They are once again cutting our military to the bone and yet will not contemplate cutting back on foreign aid.

They came to power complaining that the Labour government had left the country is the worst financial mess in history.  So what do they do? They continue to ruin the economy to such an extent that the country will is threatened with the loss of its AAA credit rating.

This has already happened to most of the countries under the umbrella of the EU and still our mainstream politicians refuse to accept the inevitable. We cannot keep borrowing money so that we can give it away. The EU is a corrupt, wasteful, organisation robbing all its members blind so all I can conclude is that The Coalition is deliberately following on from Labour and will bankrupt us all in the end!
Do not be fooled! The figures are astronomical and unless they change direction austerity is not enough. They need a complete change of direction

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NewsboyCap said...


"What is this crazy coalition doing with OUR money"

Surely it's the Bank of England's money that the Govt. are borrowing.

Or, if it is OUR money they are borrowing, then WE must be owed the interest due.

Good to see you back.