Thursday, 10 January 2013

Houston I Have a Problem!

I run a gentle but challenging blog. I set it up in 2008 just because I was sick of not having a political voice.  I had decided that the mainstream media and all the politicians were under the same umbrella. We did not have a voice for nationalism.

Nationalism, patriotism and loyalty has become a dirty word. Ralph Miliband warned us all that we were too patriotic when he caught the last ferry out of Ostend prior to the arrival of Adolf Hitler.  He immediately began to thank the nationalists for saving his skin, from his safe haven in the UK by attempting to destroy his host country.

Our social structure, is being destroyed  by person or persons unknown. Our three main parties have morphed into one large Social Democrat party.

Our kids are being corrupted. I have three lovely granddaughters but they are being corrupted by the state. The state is depriving them of their childhood! My 9 year old granddaughter recently asked my wife and I if we still kissed! When we kissed and said yes she went Yuck!

She loves us and we love her but she has been taught about sex and she now imagines her grandparents having sex! That is the result of the sex education for the very young. Our society is being broken down. The government does not think that porn on the Internet is a problem. It is a huge problem but the New World Order is in charge of everything! They set up Facebook and other social networks and so they want a social breakdown.

I recognise that our politicians are by and large the scum of the earth. They are hell bent on destroying our country in every way possible. They are the crooks of the century. Forget that they appear every Sunday on what was the Andrew Marr show they all should  have their collars felt!

I want to remain a small, independent, family orientated blog but it has been invaded by a political activist. Don't get me wrong I will continually probe and ask questions. I am however not a political activist. Perhaps I should become one on behalf of UKIP but that is another question.  Someone has to challenge the mainstream parties but someone is also trying to disable my blog.  Byeeee!


Anonymous said...

.....invaded by a political activist

A political activist requires one to be a member of a political party. I am not, nor have I ever been other than a brief membership to the UKLP (Libertarian party).

My comments in your previous post were replies to posters who decided to attack me (Neutrino) after my initial reply on your article.

Don't become a political activist. You'd get scared if a mouse said boo. You're not made for political skullduggery. Stick to your books and films about Imperial Britain old man. Leave the truth finding to those who aren't easily offended. If you want this to be a family blog stay away from politics and talk about Enyd Blighton, walks in the English countryside, Songs of Praise, Last of the Summer Wine and the Queen, of course. lol

bryboy said...

I suspected that you would reply in your time honoured manner. I thank you for assisting me down the road towards what I believe to be the truth. I do not now need to follow this further because there is nothing that I can do about it. Other than that I do not like your tone or sttitude. After this blitz on this blog I may even give up altogether. Please leave and don't return because if you are an example of political skullduggery then you are, once again,quite right that I am not cut out for it! I do have a life and this is just me expressing an opinion.

Anonymous said...

You have summed it all up in your last sentence Bry, "you do have a life" unfortunately Hurby also has a life but if seems it has been spent gaining knowledge or the" truth" to the detriment of any social awareness about others perception of him.

His knowledge is extensive and admirable to a point, but unfortunately every sentence and every link is just one more confirmation of his utter hatred of one particular race.

The Internet can confirm anybodies particular truth if they research it enough, it is a weird and wonderful place, knowing the difference is the key.

I'm sorry if my posts have not helped the debate, I'm not and never will be as knowledgeable as others, my education was never my strong point, a little humour occasionally helps.

I come to your website everyday, some of your blogs, I don't have a clue about because I don't get to take in the news all the time, but they are well written and informative. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards


GrumpyRN said...

Hi Bryan, I have watched with growing concern over the past few weeks as your blog comments became increasingly radical and demented. I understand that you don't wish to have quite such extreme views or personal attacks on your site.
Unfortunately the internet is full of deep dark corners where the most appalling nonsense, abuse and sometimes really just psychotic beliefs lurk and unfortunately grow. Anyone can 'prove' their particular point by showing something they have found - does not make it true.
If any commenter tells you something ask them for a reference; to be told "you have to find it yourself" is the mark of a charlatan or a conspiracy theorist. Moon landings? 9/11?
The internet is one of the greatest teaching tools ever invented, it is better than newspapers because what people write and do cannot be hidden away so there can be nowhere to hide. Unfortunately some people have agendas and some people are mentally unbalanced and some people just have a different world view. Your problem is trying to discriminate between the sh*t and the gold.

Keep blogging, it is yours, your reasons for doing it have not changed so why should you stop? Try setting comments moderation so that only comments you pass are published, without the oxygen of publicity the trolls soon move on.
Another method is to disallow anonymous comments, that way people like 'bewick' who have an identity can still post but the ubiquitous 'anonymous' can't.

By the way, I wouldn't worry too much about your granddaughter, at 9 years old kissing anyone but your mum is 'yuck'. Remember watching films as a boy and the romance scenes were played......? What was your reaction?

bryboy said...

I REALLY appreciate your support GRN. I will continue my criticism of big government but believe me I have learned from this experience!

bryboy said...

Sorry Neutrino I missed your input. Tks for your contributions. I think that we have both fallen into the same trap. From now on I will be more careful not to respond to someone who is very knowledgeable but lacking in social skills. Sorry about the abuse you had to endure.

Anonymous said...


You are a dreadful coward. Your attack on me (which it was) it to say the least appalling and low. To blame me because you get a wake up call is the act of one not prepared to accept truths and take personal responsibility for his actions.
You brought whatever 'outside' eyes onto your blog through your own articles (Jimmy Saville, School of Frankfurt) and your inability to handle criticism is a sign of your failure.
You get 'spooked' because you have problems signing in and then you have a hissy fit that would make your 9 year old proud?

You are not ready for the truth. You are not ready for conspiracy and political in roads. You simply don't have the stomach for it and are nothing but a cowardly old man who has contradicted himself over and over again in his unwillingness to accept reality.

Continue blogging or stop. I hardly think stopping your 'oh isn't that terrible but I'll leave the establishment to take care of it' articles is going to bring the world to a halt. Your articles, at best receive one or two replies if lucky. My replies on your School of Frankfurt article have matched the total replies you get on your blog in a year, maybe two. lol

Take personal responsibility for your actions and I would quit blogging on subjects already stated. And at least have the courage to accept your own actions have brought watching eyes on your blog instead of trying to blame others. Your panic has brought this all on. I'm not interested whatsoever in anything your 'regular posters' (there's a laugh - one reply every 6 posts if you're lucky) have to say. They are pixels on a screen and that's it.

Grow a backbone and understand that come 13 your little darling grandchildren, on starting secondary, will change overwhelmingly as through relationships with others, they'll step out of the box they've mollycoddled in and will experience a world they never knew existed. You cannot lock them away and trap them in your pre war Britain/Darling Buds of May society? You have to realise that you are living in a bubble but they soon won't be. And grow up. You come across as a naive child with your whining on about kissing, NWO internet porn and nine year olds going yuck. You know nothing of the NWO. You only know second hand what I've written on this blog. I offend. I scrape the nerve and sometimes sever it. I even drastically toned down my replies on this blog. lol

However I will respect your wishes old man and won't post again. Quite frankly the pathetic attempts by neutrino at trying to debate with any factual evidence was rather laughable. I have a lot of respect for the likes of Urban Commando. Although he is widely knowledgeable on subjects you and your cronies are clueless about he is in no way as intense in his debate as I. Do not blame him. His contributions are always completed with him signing off. But then after the last couple of posts, I really don't know if there's any point to him coming here again.

It doesn't matter who I am. It's just pixels on a screen.

Anonymous said...

He keeps mentioning his twin Urban Commando, don't be fooled, its the same bloke.

I wager he has been thrown off many a blog in the past?

You wouldn't want to meet him under any circumstances.

his life is just pixels on a screen.



SAB said...

Please don't stop blogging. I regularly check your site and look forward to your next topic as it casts a fresh perspective on stories I hear about from the msm.

Maybe look into GRN's advice to stop people posting as "Anonymous".

On a different note, what do you think about these latest "warnings" or "shots across the bow" as the media likes to put it, from American and German officials warning the UK about leaving the EU? They have come at a VERY convenient time just ahead of Mr C's speech on Europe where he'll no doubt try and brainwash the nation into thinking that it's the best thing since sliced bread. Don't you think?

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Bryboy, I have only just read the 6 comments from your Global Warming piece, and hadn't realised Hurby had continued his comments. I didn't realise I had been at the centre of it all. I must apologise if my comments had caused all the fuss, it certainly wasnt my intention. Perhaps I will curtail my one liners in future.

Sorry if I have caused you any upset.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

There are certain other blogs that I do go to on a regular basis. Although if is not my cup of tea, Liberal Conspiracy have just done a piece on Global Warming and how it's been reported, alll the contributors seem knowledgeable about the subject and it raises many issues. I might not agree with any of them but it does open your mind to other options.



Jonty said...

Hello Bryboy,
please do not give up on your blog.
I spent many years in the service of her majesty in the Army. I am very proud to have done so. I see what I can only describe as a betayal of our nation conducted by our own people to an unelected political body,the EU. I feel that as a nation we are being spoken to by those in power as children. No respect for our upright and honest contributions to society. We have been a very grown up nation, we have done more good than bad in the world in my opinion. So I would like to say that I understand where you come from and also alarmed at the daily news. I hear nothing that seems fair or right, or really much use to us.
best wishes,
PS. I have noted that I sound more and more like my old Royal Navy Grandpop as I get older. "You don't know you have been born" and the only "ships I served on were hardships"and the like trotted out many times.
keep up the good work.

bewick said...

I took your advice and didn't reply to the "Hurby" character. I had decided to do that anyway because it was quite clear that s/he had a closed mind. In fact s/he reminded me of the "barrack room lawyer" and/or "bar boor". They are always right, in their own mind, and whatever the truth, and resort to insult if challenged. That betrays a certain lack of.......(fill in as appropriate)

I'm generally with neutrino in that " knowing the difference is the key". I spent a lifetime in a profession which required determination of empirical fact in order to give proper advice. I believe nothing I read or hear unless I can find that the balance of probability leans heavily towards it being a fact. There are far too many in this world who practice to deceive in order to pursue their own agenda.

Keep up the good work. I shall not always agree with you but I am always likely to express that dissention with courtesy.

Anonymous said...

Sheepishly pulling the duvet cover from over my head and with tin hat on, "is it safe to come out yet? Has he gone?


Simon Palmer said...

Dear Bryboy,

Please don't give up on the blogging - yours is one of the blogs I check regularly and I find it refreshing that you cover a wide range of things. I don't often read the comments on your postings so I've missed the battle that seems to have been going on - but you can disable anonymous posting or filter comments, which might make it more con"troll"able! So take heart - you have more supporters than critics.

bryboy said...

I am genuinely surprised that so many of you (OK Harbinger only a few) have felt sufficiently moved to support me. I really appreciate your posts. I have a lot on my plate at the moment with probate and the funeral of my mother but I hope you like my latest!
I know that so many of my close friends who I meet on a Friday night enjoy the old boys' opinions. At least you tell me that I am a prat (sometimes)! Most of the time we just laugh.