Thursday, 24 January 2013

Have we Destabilized the Middle East and North Africa and if so Why?

We must start to question the action of our recent governments and their foreign policies. In recent years we have interfered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt  and they are itching to get involved in Syria.  During that time we have got rid of Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi and President Mubarak. I pose the question are any of these countries better off?

So why did we get involved with these countries? Who demanded that we sacrificed the lives of our troops purely to fail to impose any semblance of change in Afghanistan. Don't be fooled we have completely failed. When our troops pull out of Afghanistan I believe we all know that the tribal warlords will take back control like they always have. No foreign power has ever conquered Afghanistan and I repeat history tells us everything.

I recently toured Egypt, Jordan and Israel and I speak to the people.  I want to know what they think and I can tell you now that their view of the future does not agree with ours. The United States and its baby partner... us... are blamed for so much. We have an agenda 
to dominate the world.  I agree but I personally do not want to dominate the world and I don't want our troops to die for no good reason.

Our days of colonial occupation are long gone. What the hell has Mali got to do with us? Who is conducting the orchestra? They have moved from Syria to Mali so does that mean that President Assad has hung on? There has been an orchestrated campaign against Syria which has now moved to Mali.

Has President Assad beaten them off?  If so I have to ask who is behind the interference in so many 'Arab Springs'. Why have there been so many 'Arab Springs' that have subsequently failed. Libya is in so much turmoil that British subjects have now been advised (no ordered) to leave. Iraq is in disarray and they are still blowing each other up. Nobody blew anyone up when Saddam was in charge!

Egypt was interesting, because when I went there my guide had lost his job thanks to the removal of his President Mubarak. He was still fiercely nationalistic and a committed Muslim. He was a really nice guy who had a great command of English but I realised that we westerners had made his life difficult and it was nothing to do with his clients.

So once again I pose the question who is conducting the orchestra?
Our mainstream politicians are purely reacting to their sponsors and all our politicians have sponsors. They could not survive without sponsors and they then must obey their sponsors. So our politicians have all been bought and paid for and who buys them? The only people who can!


Jimbob said...

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was the prototype for regime change of a certain engineered sort i.e. to remove autocracy (whether monarchial or presidential) and replace that with radical islam.

Thus, in the case of Iran, within months of sweeping the Shah aside, the country had become an Islamic dictatorship under Ayatollah Khomeini, spewing poison against the 'Great Satan' of the West. Yet strangely, Khomeini had been in exile in the West (specifically France) for man years prior to the revolution.

This gave rise to a conspiracy theory amongst certain Iranian intellectuals; that the revolution had been planned precisely to foment the growth or radical Islam in the region, and ultimately to bring about a contrived clash of civilisation between East and West. The fact that the Israel had been established a mere 31 years prior to the revolution added fuel to the dialectic contrivance; rather like a games of chess in which the pieces were being moved carefully and patiently in the Middle East.

'Project Iran' worked, proving the theory that an ostensibly democratic revolution in a muslim country could be steered towards radical Islam.

Now, thirty four years later we have had the 'Arab Spring', and surprise surprise, the revolutionary freedom fighters are radical Islamists, shreiking "Allah Akbar" when firing a gun or beheading prisoners. As soon as they ascend to power they enforce sharia law demanding that women cover the hair or face some excrutiating punishment etc. Just like the revolutionaries did in Iran.

Isn't it also strange that a mainfestly failed state like Pakistan managed to acquire its own nuclear bomb making capability, and that its warhead stockpile is now the fourth largest in the world? How did a backward country lacking sufficient technological resources, infrastructure nor money acquire the facility to roll out mass nuclear bomb production? How have they managed to develop their own missile delivery systems for their nuclear warheads?

Answer: THE MONEY POWER. This is the hidden hand behind all modern conflicts and turmoil.

The Algerian oil refinery assualt (now being feted as "Europe's 9-11"), Mali, Somalia, Iran, Pakistan, et al. Surely anybody capable of critical thought can see what is happening? Surely anyone can see that we are being set up for a global conflagration?

Isn't it also strange that Western governments have opened the floodgates to millions of muslims whilst contemporaneously fighting the very same 'War on Terror (TM)' against muslims? Isn't it stange that all of these imported muslims believe in the superiority of their own race and religion over the indigenous European host?

Just imagine what would happen if the 'War on Terror (TM)' resulted in a nuclear strike on Pakistan, Iran or Mecca? You would find that the millions of imported muslims would suddenly turn againt the host population.

Result: WW3, only this would make the previous two world wars look like veritable picnics.

The Money Power will then conveniently step in to bring about peace through the NWO. Dialectical contrivance at its cynical best.

bryboy said...

Like me Harbinger(Jimbob}you just can't help yourself. You come back time after time but you do have a contribution to make. I have always said that but when you become abusive then I always object. I have been asked to ban you but if you moderate your approach I won't. We are on the same side after all (even if I am a coward!) Last chance old fellow if you abuse me or my contributors one more time then you are gone!