Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Nest of Vipers?

A Nest of Vipers?

I sometimes believe that it is only people of my age who would recognise how different the modern Britain is from the Britain that I grew up in.

I often wonder how a nation of stable family units with a well defined moral code could have descended so quickly into a multicultural nightmare.  I have long sought clarification as to who had been responsible for the serious attempts to  destroy our society because it is intentional and then I discovered the The University of Frankfurt am Main and the Institute of Social Studies.

It was led by a group of Jewish Marxists who just happened to have a different view of the world from most other people.  They were all intellectuals and academics but when Adolf Hitler rose to power he must have realised the threat that their theories posed and closed them down.

They were probably, unlike so many of their poorer brethren, aware of the threat of Mr Hitler and to a man they fled. Most of them ended up in either Switzerland or Columbia University New York and later they moved to California.  It is my belief that they promoted a plan to destroy what we knew as western civilization.

They were joined in the UK by yet another Jewish Marxist one Ralph Milband.  He apparently caught the last ferry out of Ostend before the Germans arrived.  Was he grateful for a safe haven which probably saved him from a concentration camp? Well no actually he wasn't This is what he wrote in his diary,
  "The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world...When you hear the English talk of this war you sometimes almost want them to lose it to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the continent in general and for the French in particular...England first. This slogan is taken for granted by the English people as a whole. To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation".

I stole this from Wikipedia because I find it a very strange 

conclusion from a man who had fled from his homeland.  It is also 

somewhat scary that one of his sons is leading the Labour Party. 

You see I cannot understand such disloyalty but then Mr Miliband 

senior clearly had no loyalty to his adopted country.

This is a subject that is vast. These Jewish Marxists are everywhere. 

They even had links within the CIA and they have infiltrated almost 

every academic organisation that the States has to offer. It almost

makes you believe that, apart from his annihilation of 

the lower level elements of  Jewish society that Adolf Hitler

actually knew what he was dealing with.

Ed Miliband always talks fondly about his father.  I would worry 

about him becoming Prime Minister because his family background 

is so anti England.  By the way the photograph features Max

Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno and I would bet that Red Ed does 

not have to 'Google' them.


Anonymous said...

Anyone under fifty no longer recognises Britan.

Insane feminazism, lunatic political correctness, normalising homosexual marriage...the list is endless.

As for immigration, the country is rapidly turning into some sort of balkanised region of the global caliphate.

Sod all you can do about it though, well, not without violent revolution / civil war at any rate.

That ain't gonna happen!

Anonymous said...

The Frankfurt school of Marxist Critical Theorists (TFSoMCT) were internationalists. Being communists they despised all forms of Nationalism, because being Jews also it made it impossible for them to control those lands.

What people fail to realise is that Hitler was a Nationalist and Stalin an Internationalist. One sought to promote it's own way of life within its national boundaries while the other despised European cultures, moreso that they lived within Christendom and sought to bring about their deaths.

TFSoMCT, liked to promote themselves as atheists, but they were Zionist Jews who sought to destroy the bastion of Christendom not only because Jews had been evicted from some 70+ lands 100+ times from the 10th century onwards but because as Jews they sought to be the masters over the non Jews (goyim) with all that god's chosen people bollox.


Don't look to Wikipedia for information om TFSoMCT for it's a Zionist organisation that won't paint them in a negative light. They fled to the USA where the Jewish banker controlled government gave these evil individuals plush jobs in Academia in order to start dismantling the culture. So, you see, if Hitler saw them as threat then why did we allow them to come? It also should start one's thought process in should we have gone to war with Germany and why did we ally with the communists? When one considers that Churchill was a rampant Zionist and a Jewish banking shill, then the answer is obvious.

The agenda of a one world government was well underway by the 1930's. Hitler and his Nationalism were a thorn in the side of the controlling Jewish bankers primarily because they'd been booted out of Germany by Hitler and his patriotism was something they despised.

You'll find the following article very interesting:


Anonymous said...

"When one considers that Churchill was a rampant Zionist and a Jewish banking shill, then the answer is obvious."


Also on Makow's take of Hitler:


Anonymous said...

I've read contrary to what Makow and others think about Hitler (grandson of a Rothschild, Banking agent, that his job was to bring about a major war resulting in the massive depopulation of Europe etc) and I feel that Hitler was demonised purposefully because he was a lone wolf in the wilderness, living by nationalism surrounded by countries controlled by the Rothschild banking empire:

The link I was looking for to show Hitler wasn't Jewish, the website's been taken down (no doubt by the ADF et all). However the following link proves that the Jews launched a war against Germany:


The following link proves how Hitler had his attempts of peace with the west repeatedly turned down simply because Rothschild would not profit greatly along with all other corporations and if Hitler was allowed to get away with his Rothschild free country as well as one that had an eviction policy (not extermination as we're constantly lied to about) on Jews, it would be disastrous for the small minority of Jews living in Europe. Their parasite days would be numbered:


The bottom line is we've been constantly lied to about history. We have been indoctrinated through Jewish eyes. We have been continually warned about them and their desires for a New World Order but because the msm is 100% controlled by Jewry, everything that's promoted is done to make us sympathetic to Jewish plight. Little do we realise it's about Jewish control over non Jews. Why do you think Islam is being demonised?

Anyway two more links:



Anonymous said...

The simple fact is that the reason everyone has issues with Hitler and the 'Nazis' (National Socialists) is because they've been fed constant negative propaganda from, ironically, Internationalist Socialists. To put it more bluntly it would be like society has been programmed to hate such and such a country because it's anti paedophile and homosexuality when those who control your education and media source are homosexuals and paedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the killing of 6 million Jews then.

no need to reply Hurby



Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but were the allies any better?

E.g. we are told that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked to avoid potentially massive allied casualties.

Turns out that the Japs were desperately trying to negotiate peace but the Yanks ignored 'em and went ahead with the bombings.

Basically the Yanks were showing the Japs who was top dog and giving 'em some serious f***in payback for attacking 'em in the first place.

The programme finished off by stating that there was no military need to nuke the japs. Same reasons postulated also for the allied firebombing of Dresden.

Got that not from t'internet but from that famous documentary series of the early 70's ('The World at War').


Anonymous said...



"Ps Bryboy, next subject please, and Herby/Urby please just ignore my future posts. Cheers

From Bryboy's last article. lol

No Jewish holocaust (between 70 & 150k Jews died of typhus, starvation (as a result of allied bombing campaigns) and old age) but there were holocausts (Greek: whole fire) in Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Dresden (and many other allied bombing campaigns over Germany) not forgetting genocide of Ukranians by Stalin and Armenians by Turks.

You're an ignorant prick Neutrino. Stay out of debates well out of your intelligence level.

bryboy said...

Oh dear! I find this subject interesting because clearly history has often been corrupted. The links I receive do help to improve my education on the subject but there is always more than one view. Can I ask contributors to be a bit more tolerant and less abusive. I don't really want this blog to become a slanging match. It is always better to persuade and prove rather than demand acceptance. I am on a voyage of discovery which is why I keep returning to the same overall theme that we, the public, are being led by the nose by a Political Class that need to be exposed. Nobody has commented on the Miliband link which frankly horrifies me!

Anonymous said...

We'll done Bryboy, you have commented before that your grandchildren visit this site, but some ignoramus has forgotten.

Hurby denying the holocaust is against the law as you well know so spouting your fascists ideology could land you in trouble.

I will comment on here because I have an opposing view to you and will continue to do so wether you like or not, ignore me please, but you seem unable too, am i getting under your skin?



ps can you please sign off after your contribution its bad form not to.

bryboy said...

If you are interested in this subject then I recommend that you follow the links provided by anonymous. It is opening my eyes. I have long suspected that the public are being duped but not to this extent. I am not an innocent but I am reviewing my whole take on the accepted version of history that I was taught as a child. Of course kids today are not taught history so they won't care!

Anonymous said...

"Hurby denying the holocaust is against the law as you well know......."

Erm.....no it's not. Do you ever think before you write? Have you ever thought of walking on your hands and teaching your arse to speak?

The 1290 Edict of Expulsion has never been annuled, meaning it's a crime for any Jew, punishable by death to walk anywhere in the UK & Ireland. Did you know that?

This is why I call you ignorant. Did it ever once occur to you why some countries make 'desputing official Jewish death figures in WW2' a crime? Didn't it ever once occur once in that void you call a mind that finding out Jewish lies on death figures would mean Israel would start having to pay back Germany for its theft of billions for names it's created out of thin air of Jewish death tolls?

This is why you're stupid because you fail to see disconnects. The holocaust is a lie of EPIC proportions. World population almanacs have shown a marked increase in the Jewish population between 1940 & 50. The Red Cross has documentation of German camp deaths. Unlike Israelis, the Germans gave them full access. No reports of deaths by gassing were ever noted, not once. The promotion of the Holocaust is for the funding of the illegal state of Israel amongst other things. Do you not realise that this great lie has to be continually bolstered? Did your parents never tell you to speak the truth and that telling lies will only end up bad for you in the long run?

You cannot even begin to question the possibility there was no mass killing of Jews because of your PERFECT CONDITIONING as I've already said. If I were to ask you or anyone how many British, Germans, Americans, Russians, Chinese, Japa......etc etc died you wouldn't have a clue. Ever heard of the holodomor? This is the death of 10million Ukranian Christians between 1932 & 33 under Stalin and the Jewish red terror through government sponsored starvation. Do you not think the deaths of almost double the so called Jewish deaths under Hitler is far more important to the Christian west than Jewish ones? Why weren't we taught at school this and that we'd allied with a Russian regime already responsible for mass genocide of NON JEWS BY JEWS? Why weren't we told? Well, this is for the sole reason that fabricated Jewish deaths must take precedence over all others for the sole purposes of continuing money collection and excusing of Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

The holocaust has metamorphosed into the religion of holocaustianity.

Anyone who does any indepth study into the 'holohoax' ultimately becomes a revisionist. The fact they jail people in some lands overwhelmingly proves through oppression of historical factual evidence that the great lie, the state, must be protected at all costs. This simple point should be a wake up call for any thinking individual.


Anonymous said...


"Nobody has commented on the Miliband link which frankly horrifies me!"

Why? It horrifies you because your still taking tentative steps around the rabbit hole, contemplating on whether to jump in. The Milliband's are Jews. When you understand about Ashkenazi Jews nothing will surprise you. Communism is a Jewish creation for goodness sake. The Russian revolution was solely a Jewish operation to mass murder Christians and steal their wealth. The Hungarian revolution started off as an attack on the Jews who had come from Russia after the revolution and not surprisingly given all the jobs in control. The police were hated in Hungary because most were Jews.

Wherever Jews go they destroy the country's culture and turn the indigenous population against one another. They promote homosexuality, create feminism, destroy the family unit and the latest is homosexual marriage and soon to be the acceptance of paedophilia. The bottom line is Mein Kampf nails Ashkenazi Judaism to a T. And if you ever get the chance to peruse the Talmud (punishable by death btw letting non Jews read it) then you'll understand of Christ's warning of those who say they are Jews but are not.

A well read Christian will see the Jews as of Cane and a danger to humanity (94% of world Jews are non semitic FAKE by conversion Ashkenazi Jews - Yids & Kikes). A well read atheist will see them as a danger to humanity. Every country Jews have landed in they've caused problems. Have a look at their Kol Nidre prayer.


Anonymous said...

These are two interesting articles of late:




Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Holocaust denial is not a crime in the uk but you are on the world wide web and in some countries it is.

Bryboy, I visit your site because it is very interesting a little different from others. It doesn’t have a big following and for me, that’s it’s appeal.

I have been on other websites and have seen Hurbys other contributions, Larger blogs do not entertain his jew hating vitriol that’s why he is on your blog. He can vent his spleen knowing he can get away with it.

I know you have an interest in his particular rabbit hole, but if you take a slight step back you may want to re-read your initial comments on your lead, particularly

“It almost makes you believe that, apart from his annihilation of
the lower level elements of Jewish society that Adolf Hitler
actually knew what he was dealing with”

So knowing what he was dealing with gives him justification for the final solution?

Go down Hurby’s rabbit hole, and you will become as humourless and deranged as him.

You can find what you want too find on the internet as Hurby has. It doesn’t make him a pleasant character but he thinks he has the truth. HIS TRUTH. Apart from cut and pasting on your blog he doesn’t have one himself. I wonder Why?



Anonymous said...

"I am on a voyage of discovery which is why I keep returning to the same overall theme that we, the public, are being led by the nose by a Political Class that need to be exposed".

I think we all are Bryboy, given that the country has changed so bloomin fast in less than a generation.

There is no genuine democracy. A vote for lilabcon is a vote for post industrial modern multi-kult balkanisation.

Funny how the opening ceremony at the Olympics reflected this 'zeitgeist' so blatantly eh?

The question that needs to be asked is who is driving the political classes to undertake all of this multi-kult deindustrialisation of the West whilst simultaneously expanding the industrial and military might of Asia?

IMHO - the answer is high finance. The bankers funded the massive industrialisation of the Soviet Union and the military-industrial expansion of Nazi Germany.

Now millions of Islamicists and associated third worlders are being imported into the West, at the same time we are fighting Islam (Iraq, Afghanistan and now proxy wars courtesy of various "Arab Springs").

Seems as though the world is being et up for another global conflagration. No doubt high finance will use the outcome of such for its own benefit.

Anonymous said...

"Now millions of Islamicists and associated third worlders are being imported into the West, at the same time we are fighting Islam (Iraq, Afghanistan and now proxy wars courtesy of various "Arab Springs")."

Couldn't agree more Sir, but isn't it the Jooooos that are demonising the "religion of peace"



Anonymous said...

"Couldn't agree more Sir, but isn't it the Jooooos that are demonising the "religion of peace"?

Or is it demonised by all non muslims (i.e. sikhs, hindus, orthodox christians, secularists, humanists etc )because it is viewed as an uncompromising and aggressive political system masquerading as a religion?

Anonymous said...

Just visited all of Hurbys links, got the day off, surprise surprise every single one of them against the Jooooos.

even down to swaztikas and nazi signs

Do we have a big problem?



Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous @ 05:09 on 9th Jan

Ongoing rapes in Nordic countries, grooming of white girls in Britain, ghettoisation / non integration with host country: all kinda underscores the aggession and uncompromising nature you refer to.

I am seriously concerned as there is nowhere to escape to - America, Canada, Aus/NZ are all going through this mass immigration "restructuring".

Do you think old Enoch might have had a point when he talked about "rivers of blood" flowing eventually?

Anonymous said...

I dont believe Islam is being demonised, I think we are waking up to it's real aim.

Muslims are allowed to lie to us kaffir if it helps them.

Just like the Jooooos to us goy.

Hamas's constitution is to wipe Isreal of the face of the earth.

Just throwing some stuff in to the pot



Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous' comment on 9 January 2013 at 05:16

Yes, I think Powell's timing was wrong but the underlying message was correct. You only have to look at Yugoslavia as proof of bloodshed / civil war arising from the grouping together of different ethnicities.

Seriously concerning as you say. What on earth can we do about it though? We've had changes of government from Wilson to Heath to Callaghan to Thatcher to Major to Blair and now Cameron, but the mass immigration train kept running at full speed during all of these.

As Bryboy says, the political elite have imposed this on us; so much for democracy.


bryboy said...

At least some of us are discussing it guys. I tend to agree with the post suggesting that we are being set up for something pretty awful. The rumours emanating from the States seem to suggest that they are on the verge of martial law following the expected collapse of the dollar. That is potentially horrific! Those of you who have recently found me Tks for your contributions.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous (9 January 2013 05:16)

Have you ever seen this video:


The reason why anyone in the UK, with any concern to the massive migration into the UK, automatically attacks Islam is because not only is it blatantly obvious that Islamic numbers are rising rapidly with whole cities turning into Muslim enclaves but also because of Muslim non compliance with 'British' culture.

Every newspaper likes to promote about Islam's opposition to homosexuality, equality, feminism, matriarchal societies etc etc. They also like to attack Islam's refusal of 'liberalness'.

What's interesting about this is that pre war Britain population was on a par with most of Islamic life. Women covered up and wore hats; Society was god fearing and patriarchal with most attending worship. People were polite to one another and more akin to understanding politics and world events. Feminists were viewed the same as with communists and homosexuals (because the msm wasn't the controlled brainwashing outlet it is today as it contained editors who didn't whistle to the tunes of world Jewry). The really sad reality here is that the culture people in the UK rally to protect while demonising Muslims is a culture that was created post war and in essence cannot be regarded as anyghing remotely British but instead pure globalist.

Why then is there growing hatred of Islam?

The apparent rise of Islamic numbers in the UK is that which concerns most, but then what do the indigenous expect? WW2 brought about the planned annihilation of Britain's younger generations, effectively destroying Britain's population machine. The indigenous ARE NOT REPRODUCING ENOUGH TO SUSTAIN THEIR POPULATION. Figures prove that whit Britons are having one or no children on average meaning the indigenous effectively halves with each generation. It is not so much Islam is booming but indigenous population is effectively committing population suicide.


Anonymous said...

I was one greatly concerned with Islamic growth. I blogged regularly against Islam. I was a regular reader of Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch and other anti Islam sites. I attended Stop Islamisation of Europe meetings and knew many within the EDL and other anti Islamic organisations. My moniker on the Daily Telegraph comment forums was Winston the Smithy and the Telegraph never once censored any posts of mine as I quoted the Koran and attacked Islam.

However after asking many questions on why the governments actively encouraged the mass migration of aliens to the UK and someone kindly opening the door to me on Judaism things drastically changed. I then found that any anti Jewish posts on the Daily Telegraph met with instant deletion. It was ok to bash Islam but not Judaism. The penny had eventually dropped.

To finish, waking up to Jewish demolition of the west greatly lifted a weight off of my shoulders. I began putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Unanswered questions immediately were answered and the most obvious of all finished the puzzle:

Why would Jews promote mass immigration of Muslims into the west when as a minority they'd have the most to lose?

This question is always asked by pro Jewish and anti Muslim goy and yet the answer is so simple. When one realises that every major war dating back to the English civil war was Jewish created and financed (with usury of course); when one realises that WW1 was all about the creation of Israhell with WW2 being the means to fund its growth through reperations from the holohoax (as Jews say 'there's no business like shoah business'); when one realises that over the last 300 plus years, Jews have been using the goy (cattle) to fight their wars up to today with the 'war OF terror' against Islam, does one see that flooding a country with Muslims and non indigenous has the following effects:

1. A population that will be more sympathetic to Israel as it (nationalists to start with) sees the struggle of Israel on a par with western countries fighting the Islamic invaders.

2. A population no longer indigenous and living its traditional ways will forget history, move away from Christendom and never be a threat to Jewish monopoly of their society by no longer uniting as a people to remove the parasite that is killing them as they did in the past, throughout Europe with Jewish expulsions.

In other words, what's good for the non Jews is ultimately bad for the Jews.

Islam is growing and causing preprogrammed anger within the UK. It won't be long before the indigenous' mindset (currently still predominantly anti Israel) completely shifts to side with Israel fighting the Muslim hordes as the only bastion of liberal (read communist) democracy (read Jewish banking control of society through debt) in the region.

Problem - how do we remove Islam?
Reaction - Flood the west with Muslims
Solution - Anger within at clash of cultures gives Zionism their army of goy to fight and die, yet again for Jewish interests to the overall detriment and enslavement of non Jews.


Anonymous said...

Well lets be fair Hurby, They are the choosen ones!



Anonymous said...

Hurby has put forward some exceedingly controversial viewpoints.

Anyone who has watched 'Schindlers List' will automatically deride Hurby as a nutter (as Neutrino has done).

Neutrino, you appear to be stalking Hurbys every post. If you disagree with him, fair enough, but at least put forward some substantive counter arguments instead of one line rebuttals please.

All helps the debate.


Anonymous said...

"There are plenty of books on the subject of the NWO, Bildeberg, CFR etc etc and before people laugh and think it's all a big joke at least have the intellectual honesty and integrity to read one or two of them. Some of it is batshit mad but some of it is chilling in its accuracy."


Anonymous said...

I agree with this:

"Come back if you actually have something to say but if all you have is infantile mud slinging then do us both a favour and don't bother.

I could just as easily say there is no point talking to a sheep whose intellectual curiosity and honesty does not bridge farther than the end of their nose which they are all to happy to be led around by."


One line rebuttals / veiled or explicit ad hominem attacks do nothing to further the debate.

Anonymous said...

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

The American people weren't "handicapped" by the idea of a communist conspiracy, nor did they see it as so "monstrous" that they couldn't believe it existed. By 1956, the American people had grown accustomed to the idea of a "Red Scare" and communist infiltration, as they had been subjected to it for decades.

The quote only makes sense if you understand the greater context of communism and the people in our own midst pursuing it and for what ends.

Anonymous said...

Neutrino / Bryboy - read "The Culture of Critique" by Kevin Macdonald:


Anonymous said...

And this:

"Reality never fails to punish those who snub her, including whole societies built on liberal delusions. The Jewish weight applied on the side of open borders and amnesty, affirmative action and endless coddling of undeserving minorities, legal activism, pacifism and world government, punitive taxation and income redistribution, is harmful, first and foremost, to the Jews themselves, though the rest of us will succumb after the coal mine canaries."

"There isn’t a day that I don’t hear someone I know as cultivated and reasonable, Gentile and Jew alike, express bitter frustration with the Jewish community because of its leftist-multicultural thrust and the damage it’s doing to America. If the Jewish community won’t wake up to criticism from friendly parties, it will eventually face criticism from the growing number of unfriendly parties."


Good intellectual critiques - give it a try Neutrino!

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who has watched 'Schindlers List' will automatically deride Hurby as a nutter (as Neutrino has done)."

And that is why films like Schindler's List are made in order to continue strangling logical and factual historical revisionism with emotive reasoning.


And Arthur Schopenhaeur (1788 - 1860) stated the following:

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

You see people today have lost the ability to come to their own conclusion. The Jewish controlled msm continually churns out films, documentaries, newspaper articles and books on the holohoax/shoah business to have just the effect on people as to whom this reply is addressed to. People read about the holocaust, watch movies and are indoctrinated at school with it, so it has to be right, right? Wrong! The media lies. People lie and Jews have turned it into an art form (read about the Kol Nidre prayer).

And moreso, all I receive is debate whose argument comes straight from the msm, proving my point that without it the majority wouldn't have any opinion whatsoever. And laughably people will attack me because links I provide arguing against Jewish control of society are NOT from the msm but from a third party source. Of course they are!!!! When big tobacco owned newspapers, did they print articles that would be detrimental to tobacco sales??? Why then would a msm owned by Zionist Jews do anything different?

You all have no argument other than your daily plug-in into the msm for your regular fix of propaganda.

I am most certainly no nutter as has been suggested. I am someone who has asked questions and sought truths, finding answers and exposing falsehoods.

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" G.Orwell


Anonymous said...

Hi Neutrino,

They've got a point Neutrino.

Criticise the message, not the man (applies to Hurby for calling Neutrino names too).

Anonymous said...


Interestingly a lot of people who post in similar vein to you are having their posts amended or deleted. So much for free speech eh?


Anonymous said...

@anonymous (9 January 2013 09:31),

I have to say I'm quite surprised the gates of vienna website would do an article on Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique. They've always been more leaning towards a pro Jewish stance than one criticising them. It is after all a website that's more anti Islamisation ignoring the real reasons behind Islamic migration and their population boom in the west.


Anonymous said...


Just to be clear, I wasn't calling you a nutter.

I was trying to say that people are, whether they realise it or not, conditioned by films / mass media etc to the extent that they automatically take a view on the subject (which you explained in your subsequent post).

Hence why some folk might think your viewpoint mad i.e. they exhibit a pavlovian response without justifying that response.

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous (above, 9 January 2013 09:40)

Are you talking about those who write such as I on newspaper forums? If you are then, yes, I agree. It's 100% to bash Islam, Christianity, et all, but criticise Judaism and your posts are removed. That in itself speaks volumes.
Moreso I know what I'm talking about as I used to be on the ant Islamisation bandwagon once until I woke up. It's not that I'm anti Islam per se. I see the situation around me, but Islam can be looked upon as a fire and the Jews the firestarters. What's more important - addressing the fire or stopping the firestarters? It's not really a hard one.


Anonymous said...

@anonymous (09:47),

I agree. People do not realise how conditioned they are to the point they promote arguments in which they only one viewpoint. Anyone SHOULD know that opinions are formed by taking BOTH viewpoints and then using logic to come to a conclusion.
However the msm is no longer impartial and the reader/watcher/listener is given their opinion.

People do not realise that history is changing with new discoveries. Nothing is concrete. Holocaust revisionism does not deny Jews were rounded up and put into work camps but they do question death cause, existence of gas chambers, death numbers and that there was no WHOLE FIRE of Jews in WW2 (translation from greek - holocaust).

You are also correct that they illicit Pavlovian responses, but then they no nothing other than the response they've been programmed to make.

Lastly if 6 million Jews were killed (of course they weren't) why should this take preference over deaths of fellow countrymen and moreso why should we feel sympathy when Jewish manipulation of German society created ill feeling towards them and they effectively fired the first shot against the Third Reich? Do you side with the bully/troublemaker or the bullied/innocent party?

Btw, I'm ignoring Neutrino as he not only asked me too, but he has no argument.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, so I dont add to the debate, funny that because you all seem to want to have a go now.

39 comments on this topic the most Bryboy has ever had, whys that?

My responses might not be long because sometimes i'm on my mobile and it's not user friendly for long posts, so I just chip in.

Hurby has at long last realised he doesn't need to rebutt, great, because he is brainwashed with internet websites.

Of course everybody hates the Jews because they killed Jesus, thats what all other religions have been based on since year dot.

The Jews have been persecuted ever since, If you were a jew how would you feel if your whole history is based on that.

This whole debate is about how bad the jews are, every internet link is jew hatred, isn't that wrong. just because they are succesful does that mean they have to be persecuted even more.

39 comments. this is a small part of the WWW. I could link this site to bigger places that would absolutely destroy it because of Hurby, but I wont because this site is a good one and doesn't just deal with Jew hatred.

Bryboy, follow this subject if you are convinced of it's validity, but please keep some humour about you, however deep you go down Hurbys cesspit

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

Just an aside, whats Hurbys solution? think on



Anonymous said...

I'm on a roll here, can you all actually give yourselves a name at the end of your posts, as I'm starting to think they come from the same person?



Ps surely it's only polite.

Anonymous said...

If anyone decides to read/listen to a former ULTRA ORTHODOX JEW rip apart Judaism and what it's really about then look no further than Real Jew News with Brother Nathanael Kapner.


Now many people will see that he's moved from ultra orthodox Judaism to ultra orthodox Christianity, but that aside, through Kapner we get a heavy insight into Judaism. There are many articles and videos spilling the beans on world Jewry, information you'll never see in the msm.

But erm.....of course......erm......former Jew Kapner......erm.....is obviously spreading......erm....hatred towards Jews because he criticises them....

Wow fantastic! Everyone is free to criticise Christianity (the late Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins spring to mind), that's ok.
Everyone is free to criticise Islam (Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller spring to mind), that's ok too......
Criticise Judaism however and you're full of and promoting hatred towards Jews. Ergo, factual evidence painting Jewry in a negative light is HATE & HATE SPEECH!

Erm.....am I the only one here seeing the disconnect here?

To finish, here's a rather revealing little video of what well known/upstanding professional Jews have said about erm themselves and non Jews:


Here's some tasty morsels from the above video:

"We Jews regard our race superior to all humanity and look forward not to our ultimate union with other races but our final triumph over them." - Goldwin Smith, professor of Modern History, Oxford university 1981

"Keep bashing the dead white males and the live ones and the females too until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed not deconstructed, destroyed." - Noel Ignatiev, Jewish Harvard professor and founder of race traitor magazine

Nice eh? Imagine if a non Jew, say a patriotic Englishman had said quote one? Imagine if a white man had said quote two changing white with black, Asian or Jewish? Would the media have remained silent?

My arguments are non refutable because they are truths about world Jewry. And no matter what the non Jews say, to warn the western (and world peoples) of the utter hatred of Jews to the Goyim, it is they, not the Jews who are ridiculed and laughably tarred as haters and racists etc etc etc. Remember, the quotes from the video above come straight from the mouths of Jews in prominent and very influential positions within society.


Anonymous said...

And here's some more love from the Ashkenazi Jews towards the goyim:

Oh dear oh deary me.........


Why aren't any of these statements in the UK press? Could it be because they are owned by the Jews? Could it???

I thought that all doctors swore an oath to care for all patients, regardless of race and/or religion. Obviously the Jews are exempt from this......


Anonymous said...


If you're interested:


You'll be hard pushed to come across one more learned and meticulous in his research than Michael Hoffman.


Anonymous said...

"Of course everybody hates the Jews because they killed Jesus, thats what all other religions have been based on since year dot."

So Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism were all founded on that basis eh?

"My responses might not be long because sometimes i'm on my mobile and it's not user friendly for long posts, so I just chip in."

Poor excuse for shallow posting.

Anonymous said...

fair point, should have said Christianity and islam.

I thought you were going to ignore me? as your not, what is your solution to your Jewish problem.



Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above (10 January 2013 00:47),

Interesting isn't it that the Jews killed Jesus rhetoric is always thrown about as a defence to Jewish criticism by Jewish sympathisers? What's more interesting is people who write such ignorant comments seem to forget all the Christian Zionists who support them. Surely many will know about the Sanhedrin?

And because the Jews did kill Jesus what fact would this have in any atheist's argument against Judaism? Why would any atheist care? Why would any Muslim care also?

Jews and Jewish sympathisers know full well that semitism creates anti semitism. Parasitism upon the host is never well received nor is ethnocentrism promoted by a massive minority over the majority.

There are many reasons why Jews are mistrusted and disliked and it's 100% down to their own actions and their inability to attack those within Judaism responsible for the creation of the New World Order. This is what is always missed in argument. I am speaking of the majority as there are some who speak out but overall, Jews are a tribe and do their best to stick together while doing their utmost best to destroy other tribes around them for the purpose of self protection and preservation. Should the other tribes fight back they are instantly pilloried as haters and racists. Note Israhell is a racist, apartheid state and yet the msm never states the obvious? I wonder why?


bewick said...

May I inject a little pragmatism or - as some might judge - naiveity?
Despite all the comments I, for one, don't waste time on conspiracy theories - sorry Bryboy. Sure the Frankfurt School existed and managed to leach much of its nonsense into modern day "social science". Mmmm Do you happen to know a social science graduate? If so you will know what I mean.

Whilst the Jews might well hold SOME important positions they are a tiny world minority and still persecuted in at least 57 states (as are Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists and others in those Muslim states). Can you REALLY believe that just one small racial (yes mainly one race)is so much more intelligent on all fronts - including sneakiness and world beating chess competence - that they are actually able to hold the world to ransom? I don't at all but do concede that the MOST successful monetarily may hold some disproportionate sway - but so do seriously rich Arab Muslims.
Do NOT believe all you read because so many authors have an agenda. Not all but most. Just saying. Unfortunately more difficult to find the "bad apple" than upturning a barrel of apples.

bewick said...

To Anonanonandanon

10 January 2013 06:17

I am Christian and not a particular supporter of the state of Israel. OF ONE thing I am sure - it is NOT an apartheid state. Unlike all of its neighbours it gives equal rights to all religions, and Muslims and Christians serve in the Knesset. The "cruel" Israel provides electricity,water, medical aid, to Gaza even when under rocket attack (be sure that will very soon re-start)

Anonymous said...




And even fom the msm - wow!



Anonymous said...

I also suggest reading "The Life of an American Jew In Racist Marxist Israel" by Jack Bernstein, an American Ashkenazi Jew:


He was eventually assassinated by Mossad. Israel has been built on death and destruction. Look at the Stern and Irgun terrorist gangs whose leaders both became Israeli prime ministers.

Then there's the story of Dr Baruch Goldstein, who wouldn't treat non Jews. He was not reprimanded but got full support from the ruling Israeli rabbis as he was simply obeying the Talmud. Link already above but here it is again:


Israel has no excuses because it is a highly racist (read prejudiced), ethnocentric (while western Zionists promote multiculturalism hypocritically) and apartheid. illegal state.


p.s. bewick, if you truly are a Christian dive into the Babylonian Talmud, not the "goyim version" they may give you which is heavily censored. It will open your eyes on Judaism.

bewick said...


Unfortunately the first of your links is an op ed by someone who starts from the premise that only Israel was responsible for the 1967 6 day war. I think history is rather less clear both in 1967 and for much longer. After all the West Bank was annexed by Jordan in 1950 following an unprovoked war.
The other 2 references you provide are about a poll of just 500 Israelis some of whom thought (no supporting evidence) that Israel was already an apartheid state. They probably wisely thought that the arabs in the west bank shouldn't be given the vote. After all the Palestinians proudly state that THEIR state will be "judenrein". They can't have it both ways.
As for reading the Talmud. An ancient document which, like other "holy books", is only taken and interpreted literally by rank extremists. At least the New Testament isn't claimed as the "word of God", I don't need my eyes opening on the barbarism of ancient, even recent, religions. We live in the 21st century not the 7th or x years BC yet there are still those who regard themselves as the chosen people (and I don't just mean Jews). I think that I could give you umpteen references but they prove nothing at all.

And yes I AM aware of the Jewish, and Arab, terrorists operating in the Mandate during British rule.
You mention that some became leaders. Mmmm What about Jerry Adams and his sidekicks? Is it any different?
Until some good and honest investigative journalists , mirroring Woodward and Bernstein, appear on the scene then I regret that your opinion is no better than my own.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately the first of your links is an op ed by someone who starts from the premise that only Israel was responsible for the 1967 6 day war."

And you think they weren't? When one understands about the USS Liberty debacle and more importantly understands about Jewish deception then sadly, in your case the journalist is entirely correct in his believing of who was behind the war.


Without going into reasons you would cast off as conspiracy Ashkenazi (Yiddish, Khazarian, pagan converts to Judaism) Jews have no claim to the land they call Israel. It is a land under occupation from an alien people. Jews (read false, non semitic Ashkenazi) who believe otherwise do so because of constant msm and educational indoctrination.

The British had no right to give a land that was not theirs to give in the first place, but Balfour signed the declaration over to Rothschild as part of a trade deal to bring the US into WW1, a war the American people were dead against, because Britain had effectively already lost.

Isael is a racist, apartheid state with its non semitic majority being the real anti semites.

As for your synopsis on the Talmud and ancient religious texts, I agree, but what you miss is that the Talmud is the authorative text on Jewish belief. The rabbis in the world look to the Talmud over the Torah for their guidance. Are you sure you're a Christian, because any true Christian wouldn't dismiss the Babylonian Talmud as you have, especially when it demeans non Jews terribly along with your saviour Christ. I strongly suggest reading some Michael Hoffman and none moreso than his book that took ten years to write: Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit


And finally onto terrorist oranisations....

The Stern and Irgun were terrorists. Now some may say one man's terrorist are another man's freedom fighter but in this case the Stern and Irgun were oppressive, non indigenous invaders (no different to the English there at the time) who created a reign of terror upon the natives and oddly biting the hand that fed them - England. They were not fighting for freedom but for the future occupation of a land that was not theirs to occupy.....
As for the IRA they were FREEDOM FIGHTERS fighting against the English Crown who had invaded their land centuries ago as nothing but oppressive imperialists. Adams and McGuinness were sell outs to the Irish cause. Any patriotic Irishman will say so.

Therefore there is colossal differences between the grievances of the Irish defenders and the Ashkenazi invaders of Palestine.
Lastly my opinioin is most certainly no where near your own. You come across sadly as one pro Jewish yet unknowing of Jewish control, manipulation and deceit. You try to shun blame of Jewish creation of the six day war conflict onto the non Jews - Arabs and to finish you equate Jewish invading terrorists to Irish defenders of their lands. Ireland to this day is still under British occupation and crown rule as is Palestine under Jewish (read Rothschild rule). My homeland, its people and culture (Scotland) was eventually murdered by the Crown after centuries of occupation.

bewick I think there is much you need to read on Judaism, especially as a Christian you have told us you are. I am and always will be dead against any form of imperialism. I will also be 100% against Zionism and those fake Ashkenazi Jews should leave a land that is not, nor will it ever be theirs to the semitic Arab, Christian and Jews who lived there in peace before the Red Shield Banking Empire illegally stole it from the natives.


bryboy said...

Bewick tks for your intervention. What is happening was never the purpose of this blog so enough is enough. Harbinger/Urban Commando or whatever else you call yourself I do NOT want you back. The pity of this is that you may have a valid point but the way that you present your case, your abuse of people and your absolute refusal to accept debate is unacceptable.

bryboy said...

I will now ask everyone not to respond to the person who has bombarded this blog with his bile. I don't necessarily think that every point he has made is invalid. He does have a point and I personally have learned a lot from his links but there is a point, on this blog, that we respect other people who also have a point of view. I personally am not impressed by numbers of comments I want quality of comments.

Anonymous said...


"The pity of this is that you may have a valid point but the way that you present your case, your abuse of people and your absolute refusal to accept debate is unacceptable."

Excuseme? I'll say that again -EXCUSEME?

You say I have a valid point and yet you call it bile?
You say I refuse to accept debate and yet anyone looking at the above will see that NOT ONLY did I instigate debate with links to back up all arguments, I also pretty much ripped apart all arguments against me. I called Neutrino an ignorant prick because he is one and for crying out loud, you're living in cloud cuckoo land if you think you can shield your grandaughters from expletives in today's world.

You say you have learned alot and yet ask me to leave when I've run rings around posters above trying to promote their msm/state brainwashing falsehoods as fact!

I have argued every point validly. I ignored Neutrino because he is ignorant to much and and asked me too. bewick weighed into the conversation bringing up the six day war and tried to not only implicate Arab aggression but also tried to compare the Israeli terrorist organisations with the freedom fighters in the IRA fighting against English control of their lands. He also, as a Christian believes that the Talmud has no authority in Judaism and is just a dusty old set of 'ancient' texts.

Again I was the only one who provided any debate. Urban Commando only posted once I believe as he always signs off.

I suggest you do the following bryboy

1. Climb out the rabbit hole
2. Stay away from conspiracy
3. Don't get involved with Jewish criticism (you started it with your article on the Frankfurt School)
4. Stick to msm rhetoric, propaganda and indoctrination.
5. Don't search for answers because if you're offended by what I've written you are not prepared for any hidden truth.
6. Discuss Zulu, remember the good old days because the truth offends and easily offended people like you really shouldn't rock the boat.

Anonanonandanon signing out......lol