Wednesday, 23 January 2013

They Only Want our Money!

The events of today only go to prove that our politicians are beginning to understand that the public are brassed off. David Cameron is becoming scared of the nationalist vote. He knows that he will lose the next election because of UKIP and so he is proposing a compromise.

The problem is that the hard line European leadership will not relent. We will NOT get any negotiations on our relationship with the European Union. That means that, according to Cameron, we will eventually get the referendum that so many people want!

Yes and pigs might fly! 

Just remember that Ralph Miliband, father of David and Red Ed, described the British people as the most nationalistic that he had ever encountered. The British people are just that! Among the rank and file there are no traitors. In the working class there are few dissenters. They only exist within the political classes desperate to cling onto their inheritance.

We the people who care actually will never be Europeans because it has been imposed upon us and we all know it. Our grandparents and parents did not go to two world wars for our politicians to hand over the powers of Westminster to Brussels without a fight.

Somehow we never adopted the euro and I personally believe that it was because Gordon Brown was trying to spite Tony Blair. I can think of no other reason because Gordon Brown never in his life backed Britain.

So back to the referendum and it is hardly surprising that many Europeans want the UK to leave their concocted political union. You see we are dissenters, we call a spade a shovel and we recognise fraud when we see it. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the most famous banking family in the world just shifted Moscow to Brussels and woops they were in business again.  The rest is history.

So back to the present. The United Kingdom is alone. We are not in the euro which actually (thank goodness) separates us from the rest of Europe. We are actually therefore not full members of the EU. I travel regularly and so I am fully aware that the euro is the currency of Europe and we are not part of it. Of course when you see the previously independent and solvent countries of Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Ireland virtually bankrupt then one might speculate on the toxic brand of the EU.

We must escape from this Nazi/Communist style of government which of course is financed by bankers who control and manipulate everything. The solution is frankly frightening but our fathers and our grandparents had to fight for their freedom. Today it is your turn!  Are you listening?   


SAB said...

My worry is that the general public will just get sucked in by all the razzmatazz and vote conservative.

UKIP have made good in-roads but have their work cut out for them. As usual Red Ed can only slag off whatever Dave says and never suggest which route they would go down.

Cameron is playing for time. By the time the next election comes around the Turks might be knocking in our doors too.

bryboy said...

Yes you make a few good points. Cameron is playing for time and the mainstream Tory media are overjoyed. Like you, I fear that the general public will, once again, be conned. We must remain resolute and not trust the front line politicians because they have been given every opportunity to represent public opinion and have always sneered at us. UKIP is still the only way.