Thursday, 10 January 2013

Global Warming?

Apparently over the Christmas period the Met office issued a report admitting that 'Global Warming' had after all receded so that all the politicians who had tried to make capital out of this mythology have been proven woefully incorrect.

I seemed to remember a televised interview where Ex Chancellor Nigel Lawson had a spat with Ed Miliband (who was I believe Climate Change Minister at the time).  I remembered it because Red Ed was particularly rude and belligerent and I have found it on YouTube.

Of course, at that time, nobody could have believed that this arrogant chappy would ever become leader of the Labour Party but this interview on the 'Politics Show' underlines his ignorance and the dangers of ever thinking in terms of him as a Prime Minister.  Isn't hindsight marvellous when you want to prove a point?! Almost everything that spewed out of his mouth was actually BS and it continues today.

He should have researched here before committing himself to such conviction of a flawed concept.


Julian Moss said...

Just what I've been saying for years. Too many people with a vested interest in keeping the myth of global warming alive.

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...


I tried to access your blog and it was restricted. Sadly putting up posts about the School of Frankfurt, Milliband snr being a commie and allowing open debate and criticism about history and Jews has got your blog blacklisted and against the library's fair use policy. It looks as though the ADL has you blog marked and been in touch with its British friends to shut you down.

Welcome to oppression of free speech.


bryboy said...

Tks Julian I wish you well and Happy New Year to you and Olga as well. Anonanonandon yes I am having problems accessing my blog. At the moment I have got round it but if it is true it proves a point. 'ADL' is new to me because I am not a professional agitator. I am just an old man asking questions. If I am shut down so be it but many, many, people will then know that my questions had a point to them!

Anonymous said...


I was in the library today and I was blocked.
The ADL is the Anti Defamation League an incredibly powerful run Jewish Zionist organisation that tries to control speech on the internet and anyone or body that critices Judaism, Zionism and Israel. In a nutshell, if you mention anything like Jew, Hitler, Nazi, holocaust, Israel, anti-semitic or anything related to Jews (bagel, Talmud, bible etc etc), your blog will be logged as 'threatening' on the many Jewish organisations policing the internet. Blogger, owned by Google is a Zionist organisation.

Yes, you're just an old man asking questions and you are not alone. Like me I know there is no malice in you and you are just searching for the truth, but sadly, you have entered the rabbit hole and you will not like what you find although you will find your truth.

This is reality bryboy. The system does not judge between harmless old men or young radicals for it protects itself completely, knowing that it has to preserve the lie regardless by whatever means possible as the lie is the state and the state is the system.

If you are shut down then yes, your questions will have had a point to them and it overwhelmigly not only proves oppression of thought but proves that the truth must remain hidden.


bryboy said...

Harby I am afraid that you have single handed destroyed my blog. Please don't reappear. I have a network of like minded friends but none of us are extremists. Don't get me wrong I really do think that you have a point but it is time that I thought of my family and friends. You must write for the young and revolutionary.

Anonymous said...

Single handedly destroyed your blog

Really? Don't you mean single handedly destroyed continued attempts from Neutrino to attack me and promote his falsehoods?
I am no extremist, merely someone who uncovers the truth.
As I said in the other article, to quote Jack Nicholson: You can't handle the truth. Stay away from that which will offend you old man (your words not mine). Don't try to sort out politics because firstly you can't, secondly you're a mere drop in an ocean and thirdly you have no idea what you're up against.

The decay of society is like a big boil. And as a friend wisely said to me - "don't burst it if you're not prepared to clean up the mess."

And lastly, don't blame. That's a cowardly excuse. You got put on the radar with your school of frankfurt post. Not my replies. It shows how little you know and how instrumental the Frankfurt school was in destroying the west. Get out of the rabbit hole and stay away from conspiracy. You simply won't be able to live with your findings.

And I won't write for the young and revolutionary because they are oblivious to the reality the prison has already been built. They won't beat the syste. They ARE the system. They're the cogs and the bolts, the switches and the pulleys, the workers and the protection. Get out the rabbit hole. Listen to Neutrino as the saying goes: 'ignorance is bliss'.