Monday, 20 September 2010

The Public Payroll

One of the many aspects of political behaviour which infuriates the public is the immense waste of taxpayer's money. Barrowloads of public money is being distributed in every direction other than where it should be going and that is providing services for the public.

During the past 13 years under the NoLab government the rise in the public payroll has been spectacular. A recent Freedom of Information request has revealed that 9000 people on the public payroll are being paid more than the Prime Minister. Now to my mind if the PM is being paid his salary to run the country then everyone else scales down from that.

This is the reason that some of the examples of unparalled greed in the public sector beggar belief. The Chief Executive of Wandsworth Borough Council receives almost £300,000 which means that in his eyes Wandsworth is almost twice as important as the rest of the UK! Apparently the rest of the Public payroll scale down from him but there are notable exceptions. A GP from Hillingdon reputedly earning £475,000 per annum, a teacher from Essex earning £232,000 and the head of the BBC crowns everyone (of course) as he creams off £832,000 of licence payer's money without batting an eyelid.

If The Coalition is to maintain credibility it must address this huge misuse of public funds. These salaries are a crime against the public. Many of these Heads of Departments are prepared to close vital public services rather than submit themselves to a realistic appraisal of their own role in the public service. It has to be imposed upon them and until it is then the public has reason to believe that they are being criminally shortchanged.

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