Thursday, 23 September 2010

Foreign Aid!

So Nick Clegg thinks that it is acceptable to give away taxpayer's money to foreign countries and is so insistent that he wants laws drawn up to make it illegal not to contribute a certain percentage of National GDP. We have a Coalition persistently telling us that we are broke, that NoLab left us in such a parlous state that we cannot afford anything and up pops good old Nick insisting that we can still give money to worthy causes like Zimbabwe.

This is where these EU supporting politicians lose all credibility. Has anyone thought of asking the British public before throwing our money down the pan? Anyone who has studied history and the antics of a variety of African leaders know damned well that Aid to Africa rarely gets to where it was intended to go unless someone stands over them and insists that it is spent properly.

When will they realise that we are in the state that we are in because successive politicians from all parties have given our money away and we never see any benefit. Our schools are in disrepair, our elderly are neglected, our soldiers lack support, our tax system has been corrupted and the most important issue is to give our money away. He is plain nuts!

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