Saturday, 4 September 2010

England and Fabio....

Well once again England have pulled off a good start to their European campaign. They were, I thought, rather flattered because Joe Hart proved what most of us believed at the World Cup that he is by far the best goalkeeper available to us. His saves gave us breathing space and discouraged the Bulgarians but if they had gone in we may have seen a different game.

Fabio will soon have to make THE big decision because it cannot be a coincidenece that we looked a far better team without Frank Lampard. Don't get me wrong Lampard is a fine player but for some mysterious reason he disrupts the English team. the midfield doesn't function with Lampard in the team and in particular Gerard seems much more comfortable.

I am also concerned about Wayne Rooney. Something has happened to this lad and I suspect that the wealth is affecting his appetite for the game. He has lost that vital spark, the speed and the desire which made him exceptional. He is now workmanlike which is not enough and his lack of goals must be a concern for the England boss. Defoe on the other hand surprised me because I am not normally a fan.
However once Crouch is available then on the face of it then in my opinion it would be Rooney who would step down.

Of the rest Adam Johnson showed that he should have gone to South Africa and Jagielka and Dawson deserve further opportunities (pity about Dawson). I await the introduction of some of the younger brigade like Huddlestone. Walcott continues to frustrate me by the lack of an end product but overall we still need a potential world star...someone who will shake up the planet. We thought it would be Rooney but then we saw what the rest were producing.

I am increasingly of the opinion that a footballer's life is a very short one in the modern game. They peak in their early twenties and by the time that they are past 25 they have seen better days. Not perhaps with defenders but with those who take the physical puinishment up front then their shelf life is limited.

Who will be the next superstars?

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