Saturday, 4 September 2010


Is it just me or are the BBC Board, who exist because we the taxpayer fund their lifestyle, continually playing politics and playing politics with a huge bias towards anything that is remotely left wing. In years gone by the BBC was a byword for impartiality but in recent years I get the impression that they are a major factor in our political system.

The Coalition should have a problem with the BBC but I await a softening of approach mainly because the Coalition are pro European Union. You see The BBC have masters who control our political scene. If the Coalition do not threaten the EU then they will be tolerated, accepted and given air time.

Not quite the same air time that the BBC afford to the discredited NoLab politicians who continually appear on our screens disgorging their wisdom that has brought this once great country to its knees. I am sick of seeing Ed Balls, the Millibands, bloody Prescott and Alistair Campbell being paraded in front of our screens night after night. Do they not get the picture that these disgraceful politicians have just taken us through our worst ever decade?

And then we get the Tony Blair performance...out comes Andrew Marr the NoLab patsy who will excuse and protect any Scottish NoLab politician regardless of their track record. Marr the rock solid egotist who will always throw the straight ball to our NoLab politicians when he should have thrown the curved ball. He is of course the one person who they rely upon to maintain the status quo when a NoLab politician is either in trouble or needs maximum media exposure. The plethora of books written by the NoLab mafia typifies the bias of the BBC.

The modern BBC is actually a disgrace. Their sports coverage has descended almost to a joke, their politics is biased and their comedy is tortuous. Long gone are the glory days where one could enjoy the masterly comic genius performers. Like the politicians that they emulate the BBC staff reportedly spend vast sums of public money funding their pet projects and in the process award themselves huge salaries.

In my opinion if should stop. The licence fee should be abolished so that the BBC competes on a level playing field with the rest of the media. They may then appreciate the advantage that government funding gives them.

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