Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Well is he right...?

One of the Catholic Cardinals who is very close to the Pope has described landing in the UK as landing in a third world country. Personally I believe that many of the ethnic majority in this country would agree with him. There are huge swathes of this country where a white face dare not or would not venture.

Of course many of us believe that this has been deliberately engineered by those wanting to ruin the UK. It has been going on for years, porous borders, ineffective MP's, weak laws, improper banking regulations, inappropriate Civil Service goes on and on. I cannot think of one political decision taken since we joined the EU which benefits the British ethnic majority.

Our taxes support every other nation, every other cause, every other community apart from the very people who should benefit. Who decides this? Why do we ignore our own elderly, our own disabled, our own disadvantaged. We actually throw money at every cause which is not our own. Our Foreign Aid contribution has been ringfenced (according to David Cameron) and yet he wants to almost destroy our Public Services!

It is a long time since a leading politician in this country actually supported us the taxpayer. Think about it... nobody (apart from Nick Griffin of the BNP) actually champions the cause of the taxpayer. Nobody thinks about the taxpayer... our elderly who have paid into the system throughout their lives are being forced to sell houses to pay for their old age.

In the meantime 'chancers' from the third world arrive and are granted huge sums of public money to set up a useless scrounger existence here in the UK. Perhaps the Cardinal was right; perhaps the Catholic Church is sending us a message which the Church of England refuses to acknoweledge.

It is time to think inward but none of our political parties can even think of us the taxpayer. We are a hindrance to their global aspirations. We pay the money but get nothing back. As a nation we are bankrupt if we think of the taxpayer but, if we don't, then we can afford a war in Afghanistan, a political, unaudited, socialist, ideal in Europe, a Foreign Aid programme and we can pay bankers, Civil Servants, Local Governments Officers and quango Chiefs huge sums of public money for doing nothing. They are being bribed to keep socialism alive!

I am afraid the Cardinal may be thrown to the wolves but he was right! We have become a third world country and we deserve what we have become.

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