Monday, 13 September 2010

Trusts, Committees and Quangos...

Is it just me or is the Coalition dragging its feet somewhat over the abolition of the many hundreds of trusts, committees and quangos that somehow have access to large sums of public money. I believe that most people who take an interest in politics realise that the formation of the countless groupings of unaccountable authorities is a modern day racket.

I can't remember when these unelected bodies sprang into life but I suspect it has something to do with the EU because their main occupation seems to be channelling public money away from the British public. Certainly the sole object of many of them appeared to be to fill the New Labour coffers. Something many of them did with aplomb.

To do so they buy the loyalty of the trust members by rewarding them with salaries which far exceed their talent. They are then bought and paid for and will conceal their nefarious activities to retain their salary. The whole procedure stinks of EU interference because nobody has been elected, everyone is vastly overrewarded and public money disappears down a huge black hole.

What concerns me is that, despite the trumpeting of the Cameron Brigade that they would attack the trusts and quangos and disband them, they have a problem because both Cameron and Clegg support the EU. They are therefore morally tied to EU practices and cannot therefore attack the very process that they support.

So in this country we now have the government spending public money like water, the bankers ripping everyone off, the EU demanding ever more and now lo and behold in come the Unions to ensure that our misery will soon be complete. The Unions are opposing the reduction of public services and in some cases they are right because the government are demanding that we slash public services but public services have already been slashed. There is frankly very little more to slash (unless you get rid of a few thousand Chief Officers) before we have to pack in all public services altogether.

The Coalition cannot make the public suffer any more. They must tackle the European Union and the banks. If Cameron and Clegg don't ensure that banker's bonuses are kept in line with their own austerity measures they will have no moral authority to demand more public cuts. If they don't then the Unions, who have never had the public interest at heart, may suddenly begin to gather public support because they will appear like knights in shining armour to the working class and they are NOT!

More than ever we need a right wing power group of Nationalists who have their country at heart. Where are they all? Have the bankers, News International and the Industrialists scared everyone underground?

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