Monday, 27 September 2010

Fairness in the Voting system....

If you have ever wondered where our money went in the last 13 years take a look at the hundreds of political quangos recently listed in newspapers.What a huge waste of public finance created by the NoLab politicians. I never realised just how vast and how destructive the Quangos had become. Hundreds upon hundreds of NoLab supporters have been living off the teet of the New Labour Project and thankfully some are now being dismantled. I believe that many more should also go.

This is the reality of NoLab politics. They have stitched up all of our lives to such an extent that the great unwashed now get more from the system than the taxpayer. Witness the immigrant living in a large house when an ex serviceman cannot even get on the list! No wonder the takers will always vote NoLab because NoLab is geared to handing them advantages. The respectable, the educated, the law abiding all lose out under the Milliband regime. Only the lawless, the feckless and the useless will prosper under Milliband.

NoLab have a system where people appear to be able to vote according to their importance in the NoLab hierachy. This could turn out to be a good idea. Can we take this a step further? If you have paid into the system for fifty years then you are allotted fifty votes! Now that would be fair.

Using this system we have a vote for the very people who have served the country and paid their dues and can now have a say in what we do with the country!

My mother is 94 and she has firm views in what she wants for our country. She has paid her taxes all of her life but now rates level with any Somali immigrant or gypsy traveller. This cannot be right so is it not time that a political party adopts this 'fairness' policy?

I reckon that I qualify for about 50 votes and considering that I spent 25 years in uniform towing my family from posting to posting that I reckon is fair recompense. By the time the Somali immigrant qualifies for 50 votes he/she may have also contributed something to this country (possibly)and I will be long gone.

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