Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Taxation and the Public!

It really does beggar belief that the taxation authorities have just proven themselves to be absolutely incompetent. Yet another arm of government in this country has let the public down and now it seems we cannot trust anything run by Civil Servants. In every public service department all we get are excuses for incompetence.

We are paying a high price for the destruction of our education system and the Blair project which replaced career Civil Servants with Special Advisors whose sole qualification was their slavish loyalty to New Labour and the European Union.

The abolishment of any academic entrance selection test was the last straw because it gave local recruiters carte blanche to employ anyone regardless of their educational background. It gave opportunities to those politically motivated people to advance through the ranks regardless of their ability to organise, man-manage and administer their departments. An ability to smile sweetly, follow rules and not rock the boat does not replace the essential qualities required to run a government department.

So now we have the result! It has apparently taken a computer to spot that most of us have probably been incorrectly taxed for years. All those highly placed, highly paid departmental leaders have complacently allowed the system to slide into decay until it collapsed. I would like to bet that not one of them loses their jobs.

The rest of the world must be looking at the United Kingdom and either giggling insanely at what we tolerate or just shaking their heads sadly at the demise of a once lovely country.

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Julian said...

The real problem with the civil service, and the public sector in general, is that most of the people with any real management ability will get frustrated by the system and leave for the private sector - assuming they would even join the service in the first place. So you are left with jobsworths who get paid for just turning up.

What the government needs to do is contract more of this stuff out. It wouldn't stop the cock-ups, but it would get the job done cheaper and if there was a cock-up the people responsible could be sacked.